Rare Sacred Geometry Books from Romania

We are fortunate to have a few copies available of Prof. Kelemen’s rare books, which we consider to be some of the most important depictions ever created of the actual Sacred Geometry energy flow patterns behind all of creation.

For those who “have the eyes to see”, the revelation of core energy patterns in these texts could be applied in many different fields of research. 

This also applies to Energy Medicine / Vibrational Healing practitioners, to learn little-known core patterns of energy flow in the human body and natural energy fields which they can learn to restore in their healing work.

Prof. Kelemen rarely presents outside of his home country, and he is one of our featured speakers in Waves of Health and Illness Conference Online Presentations, where he will be presenting many key discoveries and insights from his decades of research into the hidden energy patterns behind all of creation.  

Hermeneutics of Genesis:

These are the very last copies of this book available; there are not even copies left in Romania.

The book is beautifully printed with many images in color; it features both Prof. Kelemen’s tremendously detailed hand-drawn illustrations as well as photographs taken using his unique method to create and capture vibrational patterns.

This hardcover book is 195 pages, beautifully printed in a large 10.5  X 8 inch size.

This amazing book literally shows the Geometric Templates of Genesis, the phases of movement from light into matter.

The first part of the book is Prof. Kelemen’s amazing hand-drawn images, showing the original Sphere of Light as it moves into creative processes of ascending and descending, then into the manifestation of the geometric patterns of nature. 

Each illustration is accompanied by a short explanatory text in both English and Romanian.

Key cosmological patterns are shown in the creation of the human body, detailing the energy circulations which create the embryo, the spine, the brain, and much more.

This book is the source of the images of the Sacred Geometry of energy production in the human body through the Mitochondria which we showed on our website.

There are more Mitochondria energy flow patterns shown in the book, beyond those which we showed on our website!

The final section of the book contains beautiful color photographs of the intricate patterns created by the application of heat to liquids, a key part of creating natural forms.

Hermeneutics of Genesis is now SOLD OUT!

The Universal Sphere-Vortex Principle

These are the only available copies of this book in North America.

There are over 200 pages of beautifully illustrated images in this book.

This is a large hardcover book measuring 12” X 12”, with beautiful color printing on high quality paper.  There are short English language descriptions on each page describing what is shown in the illustrations.

This amazing book shows how the archetypal form of creation in Sacred Geometry – the Sphere – transforms into all the patterns of creation.  The key energy circulations which create Life itself are shown in incredible detail, with insights never before seen from any other researcher.

This text goes far beyond simple Sacred Geometry patterns which many people are aware of such as the “Flower of Life” pattern; it provides the larger context of dynamic energy patterns to show at what point the Flower of Life arises, as just one stage in a full Alchemical cycle.

The energetic flows of the Vortex and the Torus are shown in tremendous detail in their many dynamic, morphing patterns, to create all types of physical manifestations.

This book includes some of Prof. Kelemen’s most astonishing – and profound – work, including the actual formation of the Human Face out of the background energy matrix and standing wave patterns. 

Not only does Kelemen show through his beautiful hand-drawn illustrations the forming of the human face out of core energy circulations, he then shows the development of the parts of the human body as the process continues.

Then in the final part of the book (which has incredible color photographs of standing wave patterns creating form in liquids) Prof. Kelemen shows that he actually was able to generate a human face out of liquids by applying the correct vibratory inputs (p. 213).

This work is a treasure trove of inspiration for scientific fields, with many insights that can be directly applied by Energy Medicine practitioners (who know how to circulate the energies in the human body to restore lost functions).There is far more to this book than can be described here, including the energy flow patterns creating plants, animals, and other forms of life.

The Universal Sphere-Vortex Principle now SOLD OUT


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