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The Universal Vibrational Spectrum

Course 2 of the 3 Courses in the Vibrational Testing & Healing Series; this course may be taken alone or as part of the complete series.

Presented by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

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Tuition: $499 for 1 year of unlimited access

Discover the Full Range of Invisible Energies which Affect Your Life, Health, and Consciousness.

In this course you will learn to detect all of the powerful and little-known energies in the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.  Whereas the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum is directly related to the physical plane, the Vibrational Spectrum identifies every power active at the level of life energy itself.  It is this level of life energy -- called by many different names in traditions around the world, such "Chi", "Ki", "Prana", etc. -- which is the key to all forms of traditional healing, and which is often referred to today as "Vibrational Medicine."

This unique online training offers key insights from the discoveries of the great French school of Vibrational Radiesthesia, along with modern research.  It is the only source in the world for a complete overview of the powers of each of the 12 Bands of the Vibrational Spectrum; the powers of each Band are identified at the Physical, Energetic, Emotional / Mental, and Spiritual levels.  

The practices in this class have been specially designed to develop new organs of perception in your subtle bodies, opening up your direct perception of the world of invisible vibrations which surround and affect every living being.  This life-changing course is a must for anyone interested in Vibrational Healing and in activating their full spiritual potential. 


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The Universal Vibrational Spectrum Training

Now available online.

(Completion of the Personal Wavelength Class, which is the first class in this series, is Recommended but not Required.)

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to Detect the Full Range of Invisible Subtle Energies which affect all Living Beings.
  • Overview of the Energy Effects of all 12 “Bands” of the Vibrational Spectrum.
  • How each of the 12 Vibrational Bands is used in Healing the Human Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies.
  • How to identify Natural Sources of Each Vibrational Band.
  • Detecting the Specific Vibrations emitted by Shapes and Sacred Geometry and their Effects (which the French called the “Shape-Caused Wave”.)
  • How to Determine the Exact Directions of Energy Waves and their Effects (Turenne’s Method.)
  • Rare Collected Insights and Research Findings about Subtle Vibrations and their Effects, from little-known French Radiesthesia texts.
  • How the 12 Energy “Bands” of the Vibrational Spectrum manifest in Color Therapies.
  • The Ancient “Carrier Wave” of Energy & Information used in Ancient Egypt and China, and its rediscovery by modern European researchers.
  • The Critical Differences Between Life Energy and Electro-Magnetic Energies.
  • Hands-On Practices with all 12 Energy Bands in the Vibrational Spectrum.
  • The Power of the “13th Band”: the Centering Energy Quality.
  • Awakening Spiritual Awareness through Vibrational Spectrum Practices.
  • The Full “144 Band Vibrational Spectrum” system: Demonstration of advanced 144-band Tools for Testing and Applying Precise Energies.
  • Toxic Earth Energies: Research from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, & Egypt.
  • How to use the Vibrational Spectrum to Detect and Track Hidden Objects, Invisible Energies, and even Higher Non-Physical Realities.

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Table of Contents for Universal Vibrational Spectrum: Part 1

Excerpt from Universal Vibrational Spectrum Part 1: Vibrations of Geometric Forms

Excerpt from Part 2 of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum Course: The Powers of the 12 Vibrational Bands

Table of Contents for Pt. 2 of Universal Vibrational Spectrum

Tuition: $499 for One Year Unlimited Access 


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The Deep Background & Significance of this Training:
The Vibrational Spectrum

This course is intended to help create a new era of practical vibrational healing and advanced energy research. To have a true science requires the identification, understanding, and ability to practically apply every part of a complex system. The Vibrational Spectrum is the essential “missing link” needed to usher in this new era.

Our modern technology is based on Spectrum Analysis; all of our modern devices (home appliances, wireless technology like cellphones etc.) are based on our having discovered and identified every part of the Spectrum of Matter (the “Periodic Table of Elements”) and the Spectrum of Radiation (the “Electro-Magnetic Spectrum.”) All of our modern technology is based on combining specific physical elements from the Spectrum of Matter with specific electro-magnetic frequencies from the Spectrum of Radiation.

vibrational spectrum 5 180However modern science and medicine refuse to look any further, and ignore the effects of their technology on the energy and consciousness of humans and all other life on Earth.

To understand the full range of Subtle Energies which affect Living Beings, requires taking a further step: discovering the Vibrational Spectrum.

Today we have an explosion of isolated systems of Holistic Health, but no paradigm which is able to unify these fragmented systems into a coherent whole. In Vibrational Medicine today we study all of these Holistic Health systems, but cannot unify them into an interlocking system in the way which mainstream Materialistic Medicine has done successfully with its mechanical / pharmaceutical approach to health care.

The key to this unification of Vibrational Medicine concepts and techniques is the Vibrational Spectrum, discovered by French researchers in the 1930’s. This breakthrough research has its origins with the work of Louis Turrenne, a instructor in Radio Wave technology who knew that modern science was unable to detect the wide range of invisible energies which affect all Life and Health; he then created methods to detect 11 separate bands of invisible energies, using inexpensive radiesthesia tools he invented to be able to detect each separate band.

This work was taken up by others such as Chaumery and de Belizal, who discovered around 1933 an extremely powerful and mysterious 12th band of invisible energy, thereby completing the Vibrational Spectrum. With the development of radiesthesia tools to detect this 12th band of energy (and the complete spectrum), French researchers found that this powerful hidden energy quality was in fact engineered into tools developed and used in Ancient Egypt, China and in other advanced spiritual cultures around the world -- but the precise vibrational emission engineered into these ancient artifacts was kept secret by the Initiates who developed the tools. It was never made public until the French research discovered it within the Vibrational Spectrum.

color wheel(Interestingly the Vibrational Spectrum was completed by French researchers around the same time that the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum was completed by mainstream scientists, with the discovery of Microwaves in 1932. However the EM Spectrum applies primarily to mechanical and physical systems, whereas the Vibrational Spectrum applies to LIVING BEINGS and all the subtle energies which affect their life, health, and states of consciousness. Mainstream mechanistic science embraced the EM spectrum and completely ignored the Vibrational Spectrum, which transcends the self-imposed materialistic boundaries of “acceptable science” today.)

The French developed tools to be able to test and identify the complete Vibrational Spectrum, the most famous of these being the “Universal Pendulum” and the “Virtual Cone Pendulum”. Today the design of these tools has been advanced through the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt. He has designed a Pendulum set which can easily detect each individual component in the Vibrational Spectrum, and differentiate within each Band those vibrations which are beneficial and those which are harmful. This new tool is known as the “Vertical and Horizontal Wave Pendulum Set” and is a standard tool now in the live BioGeometry(R) trainings. Dr. Karim has kindly allowed us to use these tools as our testing instruments for training the general public in the French Radiesthesia methods, in this online Vibrational Spectrum course.

Dr. Gilbert has acquired one of the largest collections of rare French Vibrational Research texts in the world, and has also sponsored the project to translate these texts into English for the first time (over a dozen key texts have already been translated, and are available to students of the Vesica Institute.)

We are proud to be able to offer to the general public this training in the practical use of, and testing with, the Vibrational Spectrum. It is the only training we are aware of, anywhere in the world, which offers a coherent overview of every part of the Vibrational Spectrum and its applications. We truly believe that learning to perceive and co-create with these invisible energies can profoundly transform your life, your ability to effectively heal yourself and others, and even your spiritual development & destiny.

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Disclaimer: No Medical claims are made nor implied. User assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by modern Western Medicine. Vibrational Testing and all Vibrational Healing concepts, whether traditional or contemporary, are to be considered experimental holistic approaches and are not considered valid by modern Western Medicine. All information and products are for personal exploration only, and are not intended for diagnosing nor treating any disease.

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