Vibrational Testing and Healing Series

A 3 Course Series in Practical Skills based on
European Vibrational Radiesthesia & Modern Research 

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Vibrational Testing 500

Tuition: $999. Courses may also be purchased separately, without the series discount.

In this series you will learn a life-changing, very practical set of skills: how to directly Test and Apply any Vibration in the world, for both profound health benefits and for advanced spiritual development. The skills in this course can be applied to a wide range of practical activities.  

Many people use the skills gained in this series for their own healing work, as well as to determine the specific vibrations present within people, locations, crystals, herbs, supplements etc.   These techniques will also reveal how any person, plant, or animal is affected -- either helped or harmed -- by any specific vibrational source. 

This is the only Online Training available which teaches the Essential Skills of Vibrational Radiesthesia for Energy Testing and Balancing.\

The three courses in this series are made to be taken in sequence, however they may also be taken separately if you choose.  In the first course Personal Wavelength you will learn how to test for balance or imbalance in any part of the human physical body or energy centers, and how to determine which materials / methods will optimally balance the problems you find.

In the Universal Vibrational Spectrum course you will then learn how to detect the full 12-band spectrum of invisible energies which affect the health and consciousness of all living beings; this includes how to differentiate the beneficial from the detrimental vibrations, and the exact effects of each vibration at the physical, energetic, emotional / mental, and spiritual levels.

In the final course Custom Vibrational Healing, you will learn how to combine the skills gained in the first two courses, for a wide range of energy testing and balancing practices; this includes the step by step method to entrain yourself to accurately project any of the vibrations from your own energy field.  Each class in this series is jam packed with valuable information, which will lead you from an initial ability to detect a wide range of invisible vibrations all the way through to being able to create precision Custom Vibrational Healing Formulas for any living being or location.  

Links to the complete Table of Contents and Free Excerpts from these courses, are in their sections below.

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Vibrational Testing & Healing Series

Now available Online!

A Series of 3 New Trainings

In this Series of Classes You Will Learn To:

  • Detect the Invisible Vibrations which create Balance or Harm
  • Navigate through every part of the Human Body or Subtle Energy Field
  • Identify the exact Focal Point of Problems for Targeted Healing
  • Create the perfect Personalized Healing Solutions for any Person
  • Know the Harmful or Beneficial Effects on Yourself (or Any Person) of:
    Foods, Supplements, Materials, Holistic Healing Methods & Tools, Crystals, Electro-Magnetic Fields, Earth Energy Lines, or even another Person in your Life!
  • Test, Apply, and Combine Precise Vibrations for Custom Healing Formulas

Announcing Our New Vibrational Testing & Healing Series

After many years of teaching basic applications of European Radiesthesia as part of BioGeometry® trainings, we have now created new weekend trainings which will focus entirely on these extremely powerful methods. Everyone is welcome to attend these courses, no prior training of any kind is required!

Those new to European Vibrational Testing & Healing (including methods of French Radiesthesia) will learn hands-on how to apply these wonderful, highly effective techniques. You will find a new world of energetic awareness and vibrational healing opens to you through these trainings.

Those who have been introduced to the subject through the BioGeometry training will find expanded information and practices in these courses. (Please note that these three trainings are an independent project of Vesica, and are not BioGeometry® courses.)

The first two classes can be taken alone or together; the third training (Custom Vibrational Healing) offers advanced application of the core skills learned in the first two weekends.

Registration for separate classes is available on the info pages for each class (see links to the info pages for each separate class above, next to class title.)

Register for all three classes and receive a special discount, with the link below or on any of the separate class info pages.

Special Discount for the Full Series:

Only $999 when registering for all 3 courses in the Vibrational Testing and Healing Series.  


  • Courses 1 and 2 are completely posted and available online now in their entirety.
  • Course 3 is now in production and will be posted online as it is completed, throughout 2019.

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The Personal Wavelength

mermet 220

Find any Person’s Unique Energy Frequency & Create Personalized Healing Solutions

Open to everyone! No prerequisite.

Table of Contents for Personal Wavelength

Excerpt from the Personal Wavelength Course: The Ancient Egyptian Temple Science, European Roots, and Modern French Research 

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The Universal Vibrational Spectrum

spectrum 220

Discover the Complete Spectrum of Invisible Energies
Which Affect your Life & Health

Open to everyone! No prerequisite.
(Attendance to Personal Wavelength Class is recommended but not required)

Table of Contents for Part 1 of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum Course

Excerpt from Part 1 of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum Course: The Invisible Vibrations of Geometric Forms

Excerpt from Part 2 of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum Course:  The Powers of the 12 Vibrational Bands

Table of Contents for Part 2 of Universal Vibrational Spectrum Course 

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Custom Vibrational Healing

custom vibrational healing 220

How to Test, Apply and Combine Precise Energies from Crystals, Plants, Vibrational Tools,
& Human BioEnergy

Note: This class is based on skills taught in the previous two courses in this series, The Personal Wavelength and The Universal Vibrational Spectrum.

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Disclaimer: No Medical claims are made nor implied. User assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by modern Western Medicine. Vibrational Testing and all Vibrational Healing concepts, whether traditional or contemporary, are to be considered experimental holistic approaches and are not considered valid by modern Western Medicine. All information and products are for personal exploration only, and are not intended for diagnosing nor treating any disease.

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