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The Vibrational Spectrum Part 2 - 11

Released on
Monday, 18 July 2016 20:00
spectrum 220

Welcome to Part 2-11 of
The Universal Vibrational Spectrum

How to Test the 12 Bands of the Vibrational Spectrum: Vertical Waves

In this class you will learn how to test for Vertical Waves in all 12 Bands.

The major practice in this section also provides a full testing of every aspect of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum, in one unique integrated practice which has never before been taught publicly.

In this practice you will start with testing the Centering Vibration, in order to connect with the Source energy behind creation.

You will then test each Band in its Horizontal Wave, then test that Band in its Vertical Wave, and then end your testing of that specific Band by neutralizing the effect of your Vertical Wave testing - so that you keep your energy field strong and clear.

This remarkable practice not only summarizes and integrates each type of Vibrational Testing you have learned in this Course, it also opens up your ability to directly perceive how the Horizontal Wave in each Band is similar to the Vertical Wave of that same Band, and how it is different.

The material in this section is found in Chapter XII of your Handout, as well as in the streaming video and downloadable MP3 audio.

There are three downloadable PDFs on this class page, for you to print out and use in the Practice in this class.
You will also need a printout of the 12 Horizontal Bands Test Sheet (aka Spectrum Test Page) which was posted in the previous class page,
Part 2 - 10 (and was also posted earlier in the course in the section where you first learned to test Horizontal Waves.)

Of the 3 PDFs posted in this class for you, one of these -- the Circle Picture PDF -- has been provided already in the earlier section of this class on testing the Centering Vibration, and if you still have your printout of it then you can use that and do NOT need to print it out again. If you do not still have your printout from the earlier testing section for the Centering Vibration, then you can of course print it out now for this practice.

The other two PDFs are new, and can be downloaded and printed to use in this practice. They are the Vertical Wave Dial PDF, and 144 Vertical Waves Antidote Card Picture PDF.

(NOTE: If you are using either the actual physical 144 Vertical Waves Antidote Card, or a physical Indigo Gabbro stone , then you do NOT have to print out the 144 Vertical Waves Antidote Card Picture PDF; this is explained fully in the text of the handout, and on the streaming video and downloadable MP3 for this class. However you will need to print out the 3 additional PDF in any case.)

This segment has a streaming video for you to watch and an MP3 file of the audio track for you to download and keep, plus 3 additional PDF files: Circle Picture PDF, Vertical Wave Dial PDF and 144 Vertical Waves Antidote Card PDF,

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