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The Vibrational Spectrum Part 2 - 9

Released on
Sunday, 17 July 2016 20:00
spectrum 220

Welcome to Part 2-9 of
The Universal Vibrational Spectrum

The Nature of Vertical Wave Vibrations

This class summarizes information on the discovery of Vertical Waves from Part 1 of this course, with many additional details and key insights.  This will lay the foundation for our practical methods to detect and transmute Vertical Waves later in this course. 

The latest update to the Handout for Part 2 of this course is posted in this class, as a downloadable PDF.  It is titled "Vibrational Spectrum Part 2, Twelve Sections Updated 7-2016".  

This updated handout adds three new Chapters to the previously posted version of this handout, covering this class and the two which follow. (These are Part 2-9, which appears in the handout as Chapter X; Part 2-10 which is in the handout as Chapter XI; and Part 2-11 is in the handout as Chapter XII.)

Please note that the Circle pdf, the Vertical Waves Dial pdf, and the 144 Vertical Waves Antidote Card can all be found in Section 2-11 of this online class.


This segment has a streaming video for you to watch and an MP3 file of the audio track for you to download and keep. and the latest updated version of the Part 2 Handout.

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