Rare Original Art by Kelemen

Prof. Kelemen’s presentation of his incredible artworks – which reveal details of energetic structures and flows never before seen – at the recent Waves of Health and Illness conference has led to an explosion of interest in his work.

We have arranged with Prof. Kelemen to offer for a limited time, some of the most amazing of his original art pieces for sale through the Vesica Institute. 

These are ones which have been hand-picked by Vesica staff to have some of the most powerful energetics and most important embedded information.

These one-of-a-kind pieces of original art should be framed to protect them and to provide the most beauty in their display.

Each one is signed by Professor Kelemen.

A significant portion of the proceeds of these sales will go to support Prof. Kelemen’s ongoing research projects, so that he has the funding available to continue creating his masterworks.

There are Two Different Types of Original Art for Sale

The two different types of original art by Prof. Kelemen which we have in stock, are

1. Drawings on White Paper.
2. Watercolour Artwork with Dutch Master Copal Varnish Treatment.

Here are descriptions and pricing of each type:


These amazingly intricate drawings are made with black ball pen, black/brown ink and pencils on regular paper. No varnish is used.

These drawings are light sensitive, and may fade from exposure to light; to protect them when displayed, use high UV protective glass (easily available at most framers) over their surface when framing them.

All but one of our original art pieces is on A4 sized paper, which for those in North America who don’t use this paper size system, means it is sized:
8.3 x 11.7 inches

These A4 sized original art pieces are $2200 USD each.

One of these original art pieces on is on larger A3 paper, which is sized:
11.7 x 16.5 inches

This is the incredible Universal Magnetic Pulse drawing.
It is $3900 USD.


The black background drawings have the most detailed use of color in Prof. Kelemen’s artwork, and have received a very special multi-layer treatment.

This special treatment is based on the alchemical treatment of artwork by the old Dutch Masters.  After the painting made of watercolours and white ink is completed, there are 3 layers of varnish added.  The final varnish is made from natural Copal which adds energetic warmth and subtle luminosity to the finished painting.  (Copal is the younger version of Amber, both being the solidification of the sap lifeblood from plants.)

These paintings are more resistant to ultraviolet light, so they do not require high UV protection glass when displayed (although the UV resistant glass could still be used with these paintings, to protect them further).

When ordering these original art pieces, please be aware that these black background / copal coated are in regular light somewhat darker looking in appearance than how they appear in Prof. Kelemen’s books; however this is modified by their high-gloss surface which works well under a spot light.

So for these black background original artworks, be aware that to make them reveal their amazing full colors and details they should have a small spot light directed to its location on the wall, shining on the picture’s surface.

Another method would be to frame the drawing and add a small spot light onto the top edge of the frame shining directly down on the picture, as you would see in an art gallery or museum to highlight fine art.

The price of each of the black background / copal coated pieces of original art is $3900 USD plus shipping.

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