BGAT Required Tools Order Form

These tools are for the students of the BioGeometry Advanced Training May 2022 only.

You must be a student of the May 2022 training to order.

If you already have some items in a set, and want to purchase individual items to complete your set rather than needing the full sets, you can order any individual item in the set on the Set Order pages below. You are allowed to order one tool per student please.

Master Set

This is the optimal set for this class! The “Master Set” contains all items in Sets 1 and 2. Plus Advanced Balancing Tools.

Set 1: BGAT Essential Tools Set

These tools are required for each student in the course, they are fundamental to all of our practical applications. At minimum, each student must have the items in this set in order to take this training. These are the most essential items used to detect, measure, and balance the energy qualities we will be working with in the class, which is the heart of the training.

Set 2: BGAT Recommended Energy Balancing Tools Set

This set is highly recommended for all students, but not required.
These are additional items not included in the Essential Tools Set, which will significantly expand your ability to energy balance your home and office. These items will be taught in class, and will be applied in our practical exercises to optimally balance the energy qualities in key areas of your home or office.