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Pur Crystal™

We have created our own new methods of vibrationally testing stones to confirm they have the optimal energetics for powerful energy healing and esoteric applications. Our high quality stones are now available to the public in our Pur Crystal™ line.

What Makes Our Crystals and Stones Different?

The Vesica Institute began to carry Crystals in 2014, following requests from students for a reliable source of these items.  The market today is flooded with artificially treated stones which are useless (or highly toxic) to use for therapeutic Vibrational or Spiritual purposes.

Many people have spent thousands of dollars for stones which have been Heat-Treated, Dyed, or Irradiated (with Gamma Radiation) with no disclosure of these treatments by the Rock Shop or dealer they purchased from. This lack of disclosure is sadly now commonplace.

The Vesica Institute is, to our knowledge, the only seller on the market which vibrationally tests its crystals to ensure they have the correct properties for energetic applications.  We reject huge numbers of stones for having poor or toxic vibrational qualities, to ensure the quality of everything we sell.

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