Beryls : Aquamarine, Emerald, Morganite etc.

emerald 360Aquamarine is a very important stone due to its ability to move protective energy in the body up to the surface level at the skin (Wei Chi); for this reason it is sometimes in Daoist Chinese Medicine referred to as a “Stone Antihistamine” which helps people who are extremely hypersensitive to their environment. Aquamarine worn on the body, placed on key energy centers during treatments, placed in the living environment, or given as an elixir, should be tested to see if it helps persons with electro-sensitivity or other environmental sensitivities.

* Part of the Beryl family of stones, which get their name from the inclusion of the element Beryllium into their structure. Beryls are relatively hard stones, 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale; they will not dissolve in water.

* Deep Green Beryls are known as Emeralds; Blue-Green Beryls are called Aquamarine; and Yellow Beryls are called Heliodor, amongst other varieties.

* In Chinese Stone Medicine, the Beryls are so important that they are known as “Jing Shi”, meaning the “Essential Stone.” They are also known as “Zhu Shi” or “Pillar Stone” because they literally grow as hexagonal pillars; this shows their nature as solid and stable supports for self-manifestation. Beryls help support the key energy channel which runs up the spine, known as the Du Meridian in Chinese Medicine. They also help energy to descend into the lower abdomen, which has very important health benefits.

* Beryl supports the conservation of Essence in the body, making it very important for people as they age.

* This power of Beryl to consolidate Essence also makes it a key stone in Alchemical self-transformation. In the first stage, Beryl helps to initiate the process of self-awareness and provides a solid foundation during internal transformations. In the second stage, Beryl helps us to preserve the parts of our inner life we want to keep while purifying out the parts we need to let go of (other stones are added to help during purification, such as Aventurine — which removes all 6 types of energy blockages — and Jaspers.) At the last stage, Beryl provides strength and solidity in presenting our transformed self to the world.

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