Faceted Gemstones, Pendants, Bracelets & Necklaces

faceted gemFor thousands of years, Spiritual and Healing traditions all over the world have used high quality faceted gemstones.  These transparent quality cut stones have the greatest focused power and most refined energies of all mineral resources.  From the “Breastplate of Aaron” used by the High Priest in the Temple of Solomon, to the “Jyotish Quality” Gemstones used in the Vedic tradition of India, vibrational gems bring in extremely high levels of healing power and spiritual connection.

Unfortunately the situation with gemstones sold commercially today is even worse than with other types of stones; they are routinely artificially heated and/or irradiated with Gamma Rays to intensify their color and increase their price on the market.

The treatments given to many gemstones today not only can neutralize their energetic and spiritual benefits, they can make the gems actively vibrationally toxic. Many people today spend thousands of dollars for gemstones which have terrible effects on their energy field.

At the Vesica Institute we only carry all natural, unheated, non-irradiated gemstones, which we also test vibrationally to ensure they have the energies desired for holistic health and spiritual applications.

Our gemstones range from inexpensive pieces we collect from stone lovers who do their own cutting and faceting, to very high quality professionally cut gemstones from multiple countries.

We also look for faceted gemstones which do not come to a sharp projected point at their back; when these are worn as a pendant or ring, the projected sharp single point acts like a “poison arrow” in Feng Shui, with detrimental energetic effects.  This is often overlooked, even in advanced circles of gem work such as Indian Jyotish.  Our pictures for each stone show you the front and the back of the stone.

Many of the stones we stock are those we have found in our own research to have excellent vibrational qualities, and are not the usual types of gemstones found on the market today.  Because many of these stones have not been as heavily promoted on the market (meaning less price inflation), we can offer them at a fraction of the cost of better known stones — and with greater size and clarity (compare the size, quality and price of our stunning Kunzite Gemstones to that of Emerald or Rubies sold on the market today, and you will see what we mean!)