Indigo Gabbro/Mystic Merlinite

Indigo Gabbro — also known in metaphysical circles as “Mystic Merlinite” — is a remarkable volcanic stone from Madagascar.

indigo gabbgro 360Our vibrational research indicates that this stone has advanced abilities to absorb and transmute detrimental energies. Using the techniques we teach in the online Vibrational Testing & Healing training, this stone contains the following specific Vibrations:

  • Strong “Centering Vibration” (the essential identifying quality of “Adaptogens” whether herbal or mineral)
  • Black (Strong Capacity to Absorb Toxic Vibrations)
  • Indigo (Condensing; Pain Relief; Deep Spiritual Activations)
  • Violet (Higher Level Clearing Energy; Advanced Spiritual Connections; Transmutation)

For more info on Vibrational applications of this stone, see our online training:
How to Use Crystals and Gemstones.

All items Hand-Carved and Polished by Artisans in Madagascar: Each one is unique, with slight variations in each.

See our video:   Transforming Detrimental Energies to Beneficial with Indigo Gabbro

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