Quartz Test Tube for making Indirect Stone Elixirs

To make stone vibrational elixirs in the classical Daoist way, the basic method is to place the stone directly into water so that the water is infused with the stone’s vibrations.

However with stones which may have metals or possibly toxic components, it is better to make an indirect elixir where the stone is not placed directly into water.

There are numerous methods for making indirect elixirs, however we have found in our testing that the most effective method is to place small stones in a Quartz Test Tube and then place that test tube in the water.

Quartz Test Tubes are made by scientific specialty supply houses, because they allow the passage of energies which are blocked by glass test tubes.

We have tested many Quartz Test Tubes and found these are the best; they are also extra large, so that more stones can fit in them.

When placing the stone in the Quartz Test Tube, hold the tube sideways and place the stone gently in the mouth of the tube; then slowly tilt the tube until the stone softly slides to the bottom of the tube.  Don’t drop the stone from a height into the tube, that could crack it.

Just place the bottom of Quartz Test Tube holding the stone into the water you want to infuse with the stone’s vibration; of course, don’t allow the water to enter into the top of the tube.  Also do not use stones which are too large in the test tube, make sure they are small enough to go into and out of the tube easily, so they do not get stuck.

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