Rosicrucian Potentized Mineral Elixirs

Based on the work of Rudolf Steiner

Great healing traditions around the world, such as the Chinese Daoists, have used stone elixirs for thousands of years. This is based on putting specific stones / crystals into water so that the vibration of the stone goes into the water to drink.

The great Rosicrucian teacher Rudolf Steiner worked with medical doctor Ita Wegman to create Anthroposophic Medicine, an advanced form of esoteric healing which is practiced by specially trained Medical Doctors around the world; there are even Anthroposophical Medical Hospitals in Germany.

Many Anthroposophic Medicine remedies are based on a special form of homeopathic potentization to create powerful energetic remedies. These special potentized remedies are considered in Rosicrucian circles to “liberate” and amplify the vital force / spirit locked into the physical matter of the stone. They go beyond simple mineral elixirs which do not apply the Rosicrucian potentization (rhythmic dilutation / succusion) process.

Steiner indicated that certain minerals formed on the Earth from the same formative forces which gave rise to organs and functions in the human body, leading to the use of these minerals in potentized form in Anthroposophic Medicine. For example, Steiner indicated the use of Amethyst for all types of Cognitive issues, whether based on physical or psychological damage.

The Vesica Institute has worked with a leading Anthroposophic Medicine pharmacy in the United States to create new Homeopathic Mineral Remedies, which have never before been made using Steiner’s Potentization method. These are “Pentas” Remedies, which combine multiple potentization levels together — a ‘multichord’ remedy — to create an expanded series of energetic effects. These remedies are a limited special run, how long they will remain available is uncertain.