Stones for 4 Stages of Daoist Internal Transformation

blue lace agate 360

Agate, Aventurine, Chalcedony, and Jade.

In the original Daoist form of Chinese Medicine, there is a system of four stages which every human being must pass through in order to actualize their full personal spiritual potential and become an “Immortal”.

The first stage is to recognize and separate what parts of us are pure from those which are impure: this is assisted by Agates (especially those with clear layering / stripes, such as Blue Lace Agate.)

The second stage is to break up the internal stagnations and impure accumulations inside of us, so they can be cleared: this is assisted by Jaspers (which in the West today we call Aventurine).

The third stage is to let in the light to transform our mind and body; this is assisted by Chalcedonies.

The fourth stage is to manifest and stabilize our highest spiritual development; this is assisted by Jades.

In this section we feature our all-natural (and vibrationally tested) Agates, Jaspers (Aventurine), and Chalcedony.  Jades are available in their own separate section of the shop.

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