Vogel Master-Cut & Prana Crystals

vogelVogel Crystals were designed by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) to have specific angles and qualities which make them optimal energy tools.  This includes being cut to resonate with the internal matrix of both water and quartz crystal.

See our online article Vogel Crystals: Keys to Understanding their Power  for more information.  For training in the deep background and practical use of the Vogel Crystal, please see our Online course How to Use Crystals and Gemstones.  This online training includes detailed information on Marcel Vogel’s own techniques to apply the Vogel Crystal for practical healing and advanced energy work.

Unfortunately, you should know that most crystals sold today as “Vogel Crystals” are not authentic.  There are only a few cutters trained in the original Vogel method, who are making Vogel crystals accurately.  Virtually all sellers of “Vogel” Crystals claim that they are ‘real’ or ‘true’ Vogels, but this is simply false; true Vogel Crystals have critical features not found in counterfeits, and very different energetic effects.  Virtually any cut double-terminated crystal today is sold on the market as a “Vogel” crystal; the majority of these are poorly mass-produced in Brazil.

All Vogel Crystals sold by the Vesica Institute are made personally by Vogel’s own original Master Cutter.  

We also stock Prana Crystals made by the same Master Cutter, which is a Crystal cut to have one terminated end and one rounded end (rather than the double terminated form of the Vogel Crystal.)  This design was popularized by Master Choa Kok Sui in his Pranic Healing system, in order to minimize any flow of toxic energy out of the back of the crystal when using it to extract large amounts of dirty Prana from a person’s energy field.  The use of this crystal is described in Master Choa’s text Pranic Crystal Healing.

See our video:   The Powers of True Vogel Crystals

If you would like to special order a Vogel or Prana crystal, please contact info@vesica.org to make your request.

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