144 Vertical and Horizontal Pendant Set

144 Vertical and Horizontal Pendant Set


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What is it?
The 144 Silver Pendant contains the combined vibrational qualities of all 144 beneficial bands of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.
The 144 Black Pendant contains the combined vibrational antidotes for all 144 detrimental qualities of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.
The 144 Silver and Black bases have the same vibrations as the pendants, but in a flat form where they can be used to add these vibrations to anything they are placed underneath, or on top of.

What do I use this for?

The 144 Silver Pendant provides a broadcast of the beneficial 144 vibrations into your energy field while wearing the pendant. Your energy system can pull from this complex vibrational field the energy qualities it requires. The 144 Black pendant helps to neutralize the toxic qualities of the detrimental 144 qualities of the Vibrational Spectrum; your energy field can pull from it what it needs to help in this neutralization activity.
The Bases are used in contact with anything you want to receive these vibrations, where their flat design is an advantage (they are not worn as pendants).

How do I use this?

These pendants are designed to be worn, on a cord (rubber cord included, although you can use any necklace of your choice) around your neck. The 144 Bases can be used to contribute their vibration into anything they are put into contact with, such as:
* held in the hands, or placed on energy centers of the body, or over body areas during sessions on a person
* underneath items which you are wanting to receive that vibration
* underneath items to project their vibrations into an area, such as placing them
underneath a Quartz Crystal Point which will amplify and broadcast their energy

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