BioGeometry FT Personal Protective Jewelry Set (Set 3)

For Students taking the Online Foundation Training Only

Set 3: Personal Protective Jewelry Set.
This set contains the most essential items in the BioGeometry system to energy balance your energy field, and to protect you from detrimental energy qualities you may encounter in your energetic testing and balancing practical applications. These items are worn by BioGeometry practitioners, including founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim and his family. They are not required to purchase, but are highly recommended.

Limit: One per person


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BioSignature Emitter Medallion, Sterling Silver, FT Students Only

Limit one per person.


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L90 Pendant, Sterling Silver - 90-degree, FT Students Only


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For Students taking the Online Foundation Training  Only

Personal Protective Jewelry Set – US $233

Set 3 contains:
* BG Medallion, Sterling Silver (to wear on the body for BioSignature effects and for protection during testing / balancing practices) – $189
* BG 90 degree “L” Pendant, Sterling Silver (to intensify the BG3 quality in the energy field of the body and for protection during testing / balancing practices) – $44

Other available sets for the Online Foundation Training:

Set 1: BG FT Essential Tools Set.


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