Bloodstone, Cabochon, Various Shapes

Cabochons vary slightly in color and shape from piece to piece.




Bloodstone is Green Jasper (Green Aventurine) combined with Red Jasper (iron). It looks like a Green stone with little drops of bright red blood in it. Be aware that high grade Bloodstone from India has become very hard to find on the market today; what is often sold as “Bloodstone” has a variety of other colors along with the green and red, and is in reality a completely different stone from Africa which has none of the power of Bloodstone. Europe Bloodstone is called Heliotrope, meaning the stone that gravitates towards the Sun; this is connected to its power in moving energy.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Pick Bloodstone Cab Size

Small 2.5-4.9g, Medium 5-9.9g, Large 10-14.9g, Extra-Large 15-19.9g

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