Bloodstone Various Shapes Cabochon

Bloodstone Various Shapes Cabochon

Cabochons vary slightly in color and shape from piece to piece.


Bloodstone is Green Jasper (Green Aventurine) combined with Red Jasper (iron). It looks like a Green stone with little drops of bright red blood in it. Be aware that high grade Bloodstone from India has become very hard to find on the market today; what is often sold as “Bloodstone” has a variety of other colors along with the green and red, and is in reality a completely different stone from Africa which has none of the power of Bloodstone. Europe Bloodstone is called Heliotrope, meaning the stone that gravitates towards the Sun; this is connected to its power in moving energy.

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Small 2.5-4.9g, Medium 5-9.9g, Large 10-14.9g, Extra-Large 15-19.9g