Cymatherapy AMI 750

AMI 750 unit sells for US $4595, See below for purchasing details.



Important: Please complete the online waiver form here:
This is required by the manufacturer before shipment of the device.

The Vesica Institute has been testing electronic health devices for over 15 years, and this is the first one that we have been so impressed with that we now make it available to our students and to the public.

We also use the AMI 750 ourselves on a daily basis, with excellent results!

The Cymatherapy AMI 750 unit sells for US $4595, and we find that it is worth many times that price in health benefits.

All units ordered through the Vesica Institute are the very latest, 10-channel models, direct from the manufacturer.

When you place your order with us, you will not be charged (note the price for this item on the shopping cart is “$0”). You will receive a separate email invoice to pay for the Cymatherapy AMI 750 unit, with a link to a credit card processor to put in your card information. This is so the correct shipping fees will be added to your total based on the country the unit is shipping to, and so that the manufacturer receives the payment directly.

There is a $45 shipping and handling fee for U.S. addresses.   U.S. orders usually arrive to you within 10 days of your online payment being submitted.

Units are routinely shipped to foreign addresses, and can be shipped virtually anywhere; shipping charges vary based on destination, and will be included in your final invoice.

(Purchasers outside of the U.S. are responsible for handling customs in their home country, including any customs fees your country may charge to import products.)

Orders being shipped to the state of Georgia in the U.S. will have state sales tax added.

All Shipments are made through UPS. Orders in the United States are shipped not requiring a signature; if you want to require a signature for delivery, please note this on the form when you receive your final invoice for the unit.

If you have any questions about ordering the Cymatherapy AMI 750 unit, please contact us at


Cyma Technologies Refund Policy:

If within 30 days of the receipt of a Cyma Technologies device it is found unsatisfactory, a refund minus a 15% restocking fee will be issued. The device, electrical cord, manuals and any other accompaniments must be returned in sufficient and protective packaging and in good working order.

In 15 years+ of Cyma Technologies manufacturing in the USA, each purchaser has received the highest quality devices. Any problems, however minimal are always addressed promptly.

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