“Hidden Patterns of the Galactic Black Hole” Original Piece by Gabriel Kelemen

"Hidden Patterns of the Galactic Black Hole" Original Piece by Gabriel Kelemen


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This is a key illustration from Prof. Kelemen’s series on the hidden energy flows behind powerful higher realities, offered at a very low price for original art.

This powerful artwork reveals the dynamic Sacred Geometry morphing patterns that create “extraterrestrial” shapes, and which may also be related to the structure of a Black Hole.  This includes the movement from Sphere to a Double Torus Vortex, creating the rotating Disk seen in cosmological structures.  Those with a strong background in Sacred Geometry and extraterrestrial / spiritual studies will recognize the importance of what is revealed in these images. (Original title: Galactic Black Hole)

8.3″ x 11.7″

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