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Higher Harmonic of Gold Emitter and Energy Transmutation Pattern The L is one of the most powerful and useful patterns in BioGeometry. It creates an intense emission of Higher Harmonic of Gold (HHG) and is a highly effective pattern to use in transmuting detrimental energies into beneficial energies. One such example would be transmuting the vertical wave of Negative Green into the beneficial Higher Harmonic of Gold energy.

Experimental Uses of the L Pattern Wear the L as a pendant on the body for more HHG in the energy field and for added protection from detrimental energies in the environment. The L helps to cancel one highly detrimental aspect of the infrared segment of the 12- fold spectrum of vibrational energies.

The L stickers can be placed on electronic equipment or toxic earth energy lines to transmute their toxic vertical wave form energies to HHG. Put an L on the corners of mirrors to correct energy inversion. Put an L in the corner of a room to propagate HHG through the room. Be sure to dowse to confirm that it is working; never assume. When wearing the L pendant, arrange to have the short end pointing toward the heart as often as possible.

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