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What is it?
The 144 Grounding Matrix Tiles are permanently encoded a very important vibrational formula: the antidotes to all 144 Sub-Bands of the detrimental (Vertical) waves of the Vibrational Spectrum, along with the vibrational quality of Hematite (natural iron). The Hematite vibration adds grounding and strengthening effects, to neutralization power of vibrational toxicity connected to the 144 antidotes.  These Tiles will to create an energy field of this vibrational quality, throughout whatever area is surrounded by the four corners of the Tile placements.

What do I use this for?
To create the 144 Grounding energy field around any defined area, such as a bed, treatment table, etc.

How do I use this?
There are four metal disks with adhesive backs – attach these to the four corners of the bed, table etc. you are working with.  The four 144 Grounding Matrix Tiles have magnetic backs, and will then easily attach to the four metal disks you have emplaced, creating the field of 144 Grounding Matrix over the are defined by the four corners. This defined area anchored at the four Tiles rises up roughly 36 inches (1 meter – 3 feet) in height, to cover items or beings in that area. If you put more adhesive backed metal disks on the corners of other beds, tables etc. then you can easily move the 144 Grounding Matrix Tiles from one area to another; they magnetically snap on and off the metal disks.

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