Phenakite, Burma, Pieces, Best Quality

We offer Phenakite, Burma, Pieces in the following Qualities:
Good: Translucent, more milky and with inclusions, some brownish tones.
Better: Higher grade, mostly transparent with inclusions and some light brown tones.
Very High Grade, brighter with over 90% transparent with very few small inclusions and no brownish tone to the naked eye.

Small pieces of authentic Burmese Phenakite, collected together in a Borosilicate vial to use for vibrational applications.  The small pieces of Phenakite in each vial are a minimum of 4 carats total weight.

At least one larger piece (too large to fit into Borosilicate Vials) with possible additional pieces added to make a minimum of 9 carats total weight



Additional information

Pick Phenakite Size

Bag, 9 ct minimum weight, Borosilicate Vial, 4ct minimum weight

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