Quartz, Natural Points, Silver Plated

1. Hold in the hand when feeling unwell, or needing stability. Connect the powerful vibration from the Silver-plated Quartz to the area of the body with the issue.
2. Use in Broadcasts, including in Crystal Grids.
3. Powerful to use for indirect Stone Elixirs, using the multiple Quartz Cylinders method.
4. For those trained in BioEnergy Healing methods, project White Band energy from the hand through the tip of the crystal into a problem area of a person’s body.
5. For those knowledgeable in advanced Spiritual Science, this can also be used to counteract non-physical detrimental energy system




Stones vary slightly in shape in size from piece to piece.


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Small 20-50g, Medium 51-80g, Large 81-110g, X-Large 111-140g, 2X- Large 141-170g, 3X- Large 171-200g

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