Quartz, Smoky, Standing Points, Brazil

Stones vary slightly in color and shape from piece to piece.




Smoky Quartz is the premier type of Quartz crystal for absorbing toxic energies, especially toxic radiations such as from EMF. It receives its brown to black coloration from exposure to natural radiation; energetically this gives it a tremendous capacity to absorb toxic energies of the same kind. From a spiritual perspective, it could be said that Smoky Quartz is Quartz which went through an initiation process with Radiation for a huge span of time; the result of this initiation is the ability to use Quartz’ harmonizing power with Radiation itself

Additional information

Smoky Quartz Point Size

10X-Large 1 kg 751 g – 2kg, 2X-Large 361-425g, 3X-Large 426-500g, 4X-Large 501 – 575 g, 5X-Large 575 – 750 g, 6X-Large 751 g – 1 kg, 7X-Large 1 kg 1 g – 1 kg 250 g, 8X-Large 1 kg 251 g – 1 kg 500 g, 9X-Large 1 kg 501 g – 1 kg 750 g, Large 201 – 275g, Medium 126-200g, Small 50-125g, X-Large 276-350g

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