Tourmaline, Black with Red Iron, Points, Brazil

Stones vary slightly in color and shape.  Product may contain small cracks and irregularities, which are natural in Black Tourmaline.




Black Tourmaline is one of the most important and fundamental stones in Stone Medicine. An essential part of the stone toolkit. Releases toxins, stagnations and pathogens.

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Weight N/A
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Pick Tourmaline Point Size

Small 50-125g, Medium 126-200g, Large 201 – 275g, X-Large 276-350g, 2X-Large 361-425g, 3X-Large 426-500g, 4X-Large 501 – 575 g, 6X-Large 651 g – 725, 5X-Large 575 – 650 g, 7X-Large 726-800g, 8X-Large 801-875g, 9X-Large 876-950g, 10X-Large 951- 1kg 25g, 11X-Large 1kg 26g-1kg 100g, 12X-Large 1kg 101g-1kg 175g, 13X-Large 1kg 1176g-1kg 250g

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