Transend Pen, Black

Transend Pen, Black


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What is it?
The Transend Pen is vibrationally encoded so that any ink put within the pen body will be infused with the permanently imprinted vibrational pattern. This
pattern has a range of beneficial vibrations including the Centering Vibration, and qualities which help to manifest thoughtforms from the higher planes into the physical plane (ie, materialization functions).

What do I use this for?
It can be used to add very powerful and beneficial vibrations to any designs or patterns which are drawn, and to any words which are written to carry thoughtforms / intent.

How do I use this?
The Transend Pen can be used to bring beneficial vibrations and materialization power into any thing which is written or drawn with the pen.
Examples include:
* Drawing a closed shape such as a circle, square etc. (or some open shapes with correct energetics) on a clean, unlined piece of paper, large enough to place an item within. The field created by the ink will help to clear detrimental energies from what is placed within the form. One user reported a stone worn by a friend had turned black from absorbing toxic energy; after a few minutes inside the circle drawn by the Transend pen, the stone had turned back to its original color and no longer tested for detrimental vibrations.
* Lines drawn with the Transend Pen conduct powerful Centering Vibration, creating an energy pathway. This can be used in the construction of Crystal grids to connect each element in the grid, and for many other uses. Remember that the direction you draw the line will retain an energy movement in that direction from. that time forward! (See the BioGeometry Advanced Training for more description of this principle, called the “Memory of Lines”.)
* The Transend pen can also be used to amplify written prayers and for statements of intention. The vibratory qualities infused into the ink give it not only Centering Vibration but also vibrational qualities which can assist in the movement from a thoughtform on the mental plane into manifesting on the physical plane (a process referred to as “KriyaShakti” in some traditions).

As with any esoteric work in manifesting thoughtforms into physical reality, when stating your intention use clear wording and affirmative statements. Do not use any negative statements – ie do not state what you do NOT want. The positive outcome should be written only as what you intend to manifest. Images, maps or pictures can also be added as a vibrational witness or “target.” The intention or prayer should be checked regularly and updated / energized as needed.
Further amplification can occurs with the surrounding of the written word-anchor of the thoughtform with a geometric form which energizes the intent.
Many users have contacted letting us know how surprised they were by how powerful the pen has been for them.  Of course, the use of the pen must be used in an ethical manner, and must be backed up with action in the world to sustain the KriyaShakti manifestation.

Remember that as long as the pen body remains intact – ie, is not broken or damaged – any refill ink will be infused with the vibration of the pen. We have included with your Transend Pen, a spare ink cartridge. (Once most users begin to experience the power of the use of the Pen, they use it regularly and of course the ink will need replacing sooner the more they use it.)

To open the pen point: twist / rotate the silver front end to the right.
To close twist left.

To replace the refill cartridge:
1. Close the pen point rotating left.
2. Pull the silver front end away from the black body to access the interior.
3.Unscrew the black end of the refill to remove and replace with a new refill. Twisting
the front point will raise and lower the refill’s black end.
4. Once inserted into the pen the new refill ink will be imprinted with the energetics of
the pen.

To Refill: Use 2.75” medium .07mm black ink.

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