Research Report: Anti-Viral Experimental Ozone Therapy & Resources for Home Use

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Ozone UV lightby Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

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We are in a historic time when everyone is urgently concerned with finding solutions to protect their own health, and that of their loved ones, in the midst of the current pandemic.  

This is literally “a matter of life and death”, especially for persons with pre-existing conditions.

One of the most important methods for holistic natural health is oxygen therapies, specifically use of the oxygen donors Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone.  

They offer a wide range of powerful, beneficial applications at a low cost; many progressive medical doctors around the world use these therapies on a daily basis for their clients, despite the suppression of these methods in many countries.

I have researched these therapies for over 35 years, beginning with my time in the early 1980’s as a U.S. Marine Corps instructor in the Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense field.  

We are now using these oxygen therapies for ourselves on a daily basis at the Vesica Institute, and I feel a moral responsibility to share this vital information with everyone to the best of my ability.

I personally believe that oxygen therapies in general, and Medical Ozone methods in particular, are among the most important tools we have to support health, especially during epidemics.  

Unfortunately, most members of the public know very little about Medical Ozone therapy, and are not aware how they can access the exact items needed for home use.

I am convinced that having access to the use of Medical Ozone at home is no longer a luxury— it is an absolute necessity in these times. 

This report is intended to provide the key information needed to know exactly why and how anyone can access Medical Ozone resources for home use.

Medical Ozone methods have been shown in experimental studies and clinical applications (which we will provide links to in this report) to be effective supports against a wide range of viruses and other pathogens, including specifically viruses of the Coronavirus family.

Currently billions of dollars are going to be spent to find and rush into production a vaccine against Covid-19.

There is no mention in the major media or government briefings of the disastrous outcomes of previous times when vaccines were given accelerated timelines and rushed into production, such as the debacle of the Swine Flu vaccination program in the 1970’s which resulted in suspected deaths from the vaccination in addition to many people developing Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) from the vaccine.

There is also relatively little mention in major media of the fact that no effective vaccine has ever been produced for a Coronavirus, which is known for quickly mutating to new forms. Current evidence indicates that persons who have already had Covid-19 lose their immunity very quickly, and can become re-infected.  So even if a vaccine does come to market, it may well not produce any reliable immunity against Covid-19.

It has now been found that the Coronavirus has already mutated from the form it had in the initial outbreak in China, into a new, potentially more virulent form which spread through Europe and then through the world:

Unlike vaccines — which require a 1-to-1 match between the pathogen and the strain given in the vaccine in order to produce effective antibodies — the mechanisms underlying Oxygen therapies and Medical Ozone methods can make them effective even if the organism mutates.  

This is because Medical Ozone methods can destroy the lipid coat of a wide range of viruses, including Corona viruses, Herpes viruses, and many others — whatever form they may mutate into.

This article summarizes our recent research project here at the Vesica Institute, which had the following Goals: 

A. To provide links for a practical knowledge base on Medical Ozone therapy and its experimental use for multiple conditions, including anti-viral research findings.

B. To collect links to recent reports from Medical Doctors in multiple countries on their successful experimental use of Ozone specifically for Covid-19 (which is not being reported on in virtually any mainstream media, because of the suppression of this technology).

C. To identify the best sources of inexpensive, high-quality Medical Ozone equipment in North America, including which units for home use currently have the fastest delivery time and offer the best up-to-date technology, and which specific items are needed for a range of home use protocols.

(Note: every North American manufacturer of Medical Ozone equipment has been slammed with orders since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, with very long wait times from some equipment makers, but much faster and more reliable fulfillment from other suppliers.)

You will find all of the above information in this report, in 3 parts:

Part 1. Essential Links for Ozone Therapy and its Practical Applications

Part 2. Current International Medical Use of Ozone for Covid-19

Part 3. Home Use of Ozone Therapy: What You Need to Know Now


This research report accurately reflects current developments in the international experimental use of Ozone Therapy. 

The author is not a Medical Doctor, and we do not diagnose nor treat any illness at the Vesica Institute.  This research report is not Medical advice, it is for information purposes only.

Ozone therapies described herein are not considered “Standard of Care” by Allopathic Medical Authorities in the United States.  Their use is therefore considered experimental.

Contents of this article are for information only, and readers are responsible for the choices they make regarding any experimentation with the methods described herein.

For persons seeking medical advice, please contact the Medical Doctors who have experience with Ozone therapy through the links provided.

Please do not contact the Vesica Institute for recommendations, we are a research institute and do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment.


In this first part of the Report, we provide links for essential background information.

This includes links regarding experimental medical use of Ozone therapy for conditions including Cancer, HIV / AIDS, Herpes, Lyme Disease, Ebola, Inflammatory processes etc.

Links regarding current use for Covid-19 will be in Part 2.

The first thing you need to know is that there are three basic types of oxygen therapies which can be used in the Home or Clinic:

1. Supplemental oxygen, where pure oxygen gas (O2) is provided into a person’s nose through a nasal cannula, or to the nose and mouth with a mask.  This is a well-established practice both for home and for clinical/hospital use in modern allopathic medicine.  This is basically a treatment for hypoxia / breathing difficulties using regular oxygen, and while very beneficial it does not offer the strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune strengthening benefits of the following two types of therapies.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide, which is the liquid form of oxygen therapies. This is H2O2, which can release an atom of Oxygen into the human body as it breaks down to H2O (water).  

See our previous article where we discussed the little-known method of nebulization of Hydrogen Peroxide including what is by far the safest protocol offered yet by medical professionals for its use, along with important links for you to learn more about Hydrogen Peroxide therapies.

3. Ozone gas therapies, also known as Medical Ozone therapies to distinguish it from other uses of Ozone for water, air, and surface sanitizing. 

It should be noted that “Medical” Ozone is not an approved “standard of care” method in many countries – including in the United States – particularly countries which have a strong influence of the pharmaceutical industry over medical regulatory authorities.

The focus of this article is on Ozone therapies specifically.

Ozone has been used medically since 1870, when successful use of ozone for blood purification began.   

By 1911 ozone was being applied medically for a wide range of aliments, including influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diabetes, syphilis. anemia, morphine poisoning, canker sores, strychnine poisoning, whooping cough, and gout.

A common theme which you will find in many of the links below, is that medical doctors who have successfully applied Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone oxygen therapies frequently state that these tremendously powerful therapies — which have over a hundred years of documented, highly successful clinical use around the world – have been ignored or suppressed in mainstream medicine due to their being very inexpensive natural substances which cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical industry, which has tremendous influence over Western medical associations. 

Many medical doctors who use oxygen therapies have commented that it is extremely inexpensive and may compete with the massive profits generated by some mainstream drugs and vaccines if they were to come into wider acceptance.

Now in the midst of our current pandemic, there is a new surge of interest in, and use of, these therapies around the world.

Some M.D.’s have stated that the entire worldwide death toll from Covid-19, and the lockdown of countries with the resulting financial catastrophe, may have been prevented if mainstream medicine regulatory authorities had not allowed the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry to eradicate key natural remedies (which are inexpensive and cannot be patented, including intravenous Vitamin C, high dose Vitamin D, and especially Ozone therapy) from standard-of-care in allopathic medicine, instead of the current model which focuses entirely on expensive patented drugs which offer massive profits – but which still do not offer solutions for viral illnesses which can match key natural remedies.

One version of this powerful critique comes from Robert Rowan M.D., an outspoken advocate of Ozone Therapy (who is known in the field for his successful use of Ozone against Ebola in Africa), who stated:

“Ozone [is]… the ideal antiviral … Designing drugs to damage the lipid coat is probably going to fail because those drugs are going to be toxic.

One of my goals in all of this is to try to get Ozone [as] standard of care. I believe it’s running up against a wall deliberately, because if Ozone and oxidative therapies, including vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide or ultraviolet blood radiation got out there, you would see a change in the landscape of medicine in this country and it would really hurt Pharma … So, I have no doubt that this information is being deliberately squelched.

I know reporters who were trying to get the story out there and they were told by their higher ups, no go. It’s a dead story. Why? Ozone could be put into the ICUs [at] no expense, no cost… But we have a system that is so corrupt, so vile, that if it’s not FDA approved, they will let somebody die.

That’s evil on steroids. So it would seem that this pandemic could be a great opportunity. Because in China, they’re using intravenous ascorbic acid for this, but it would seem to be an opportunity to use Ozone over there … The people that they’ve gotten to with Ozone, even those who are seriously ill, have had a very favorable outcome.”

Robert Rowan M.D. describes in the following interview how the laws in the United States – and other countries dominated by pharmaceutical interests – need to change to allow these suppressed natural remedies to be used:

“Fix These 3 Things and Most Health Problems Can Resolve Themselves: An Interview with Robert Rowan M.D.”

Also there is an audio podcast of an interview with Robert Rowan M.D. conducted by Joseph Mercola M.D. at:

For information on Robert Rowan M.D.’s work with Ozone against Ebola:


A good introduction to the field can be found in the articles “What is Ozone” and the “History of Ozone” on this Italian site (in English translation):

An overview of the entire field can be found in this publication:

Ozone Therapy and Its Scientific Foundations by the International Scientific Committee of Ozonetherapy (ISCO3)

A useful interview with Nathaniel Altman, Author of The Oxygen Prescription:

 “Medical Miracle or Health-Care Hoax? Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in Healing”

Another extensive overview article available online is: 

“Ozone Enters its Age of Enlightenment: Ozone therapies today, and tomorrow” by Gerard Sunnen, M.D.

This article includes an important overview of bacteria and viruses which Ozone is especially powerful against, including Corona viruses, here is a key excerpt:

“Exposed to ozone, all bacterial species fare poorly. Bacterial envelopes are composed of invaginating multilayers whose components are ozone-reactive…

Lipid-enveloped viruses are especially sensitive to ozone challenge, implicating that lipid alteration is a salient mechanism for their viral death. Viruses containing lipid envelopes include: 

the Hepadnaviridae (Hepatitis B);

the Flaviviridae (hepatitis C, West Nile virus, yellow fever); 

the Herpesviridae [Herpes Virus], a large family grouping the Simplex, Varicella-Zoster, Cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr viruses;

the Orthomyxoviridae (influenza); 

the Paramyxoviridae (mumps, measles); 

the Coronaviridae (SARS) [emphasis added]; 

the Rhabdoviridae (rabies);

the Togaviridae (Rubella, encephalitis);

the Bunyaviridae (Hantavirus);

the Poxviridae (smallpox);

the Retroviridae (HIV), 

and the Filoviridae (Ebola, Marburg), among others. 

Indeed, once the virion’s lipid envelope becomes fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot progress in its life cycle.

We recommend that if you are interested in Ozone therapy, that you consider joining the non-profit organization Ozone without Borders, as we at the Vesica Institute have done ourselves; this will support their work in promoting Ozone education and legislation, while also giving you access to their important  members-only resources. 

The cost for yearly membership is $75 for individuals, $145 for organizations (if you sign up with a company name, or using a company account for payment, you must sign up as an organization). 

Membership in this organization gives you access to their full private website which includes many useful resources, such as the excellent core text Ozone: A New Medical Drug by Velio Bocci M.D.; this book retails for around US $200.00 and up (so the membership more than pays for itself just in access to this book, which we will reference again in Part 3 regarding sources of information for home Ozone applications).

Regular updates on current applications of Ozone against Covid-19 can also be found on the Facebook page of the founder of Ozone without Borders, Professor Peter Jovanovic, at

It has recently been discovered that the human body actually generates Ozone internally through its antibodies’ reactions, for internal healing and to eradicate pathogens.

For a general introduction to this topic and to physiological foundations of Ozone Therapy, see:

“Ozone, a Physiological Gas, is Created In Vivo” by Gerard Sunnen, M.D.

For a much more technical article on this discovery that the human body generates Ozone, see:

“Ozone in Biology” by Richard A. Lerner and Albert Eschenmoser, Department of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute.

A Japanese study showing Ozone’s ability to stop inflammation processes can be found here:

“Anti-inflammatory effects of ozonated water in an experimental mouse model”, , in Biomedical Reports.

Ozone has been found to be very powerful against Lyme disease, and is used around the world in many advanced clinics for this purpose:

“Ozone lyme treatment” by the Pangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine.

Ozone is an essential support in advanced biological dentistry, as demonstrated in this article from the European Journal of Dentistry:

“Efficiency of gaseous ozone in reducing the development of dry socket following surgical third molar extraction”

The use of Ozone for HIV / AIDS is described in the following article from 1991.  Itdemonstrates that the antiviral effects of Ozone include viral particle disruption, reverse transcriptase inactivation, and/or a perturbation of the ability of the virus to bind to its receptor on target cells.

“Inactivation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro” by Keith H. Wells, Joseph Latino, Jerrie Gavalchin, and Bernard J. Poiesz, published by the American Society of Hematology.

Many other applications of Oxygen therapies, including for Cancer, are covered in this key book by Ed McCabe, available both as a physical text and as a Kindle e-book:  

Flood Your Body With Oxygen: Therapy For Our Polluted World – Paperback

Flood Your Body With Oxygen: Therapy For Our Polluted World – Kindle Version

And finally, a useful text which includes an examination of oxygen as a Cancer therapy, and the relationship of Magnesium and Sodium Bicarbonate to oxygen utilization by the body:

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy: Your Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Natural Oxygen Therapy – Paperback

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy: Your Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Natural Oxygen Therapy – Kindle Version

Further texts which provide information on specific home use protocols with Ozone generators are listed in Part 3, Section 3D of this report.


In the midst of the current Pandemic, one of the areas of Ozone therapy which is of the greatest interest is its use against Covid-19.

In Part 1 of this report, we quoted Robert Rowan M.D.’s powerful statements on the suppression of Ozone and other natural therapies, and how this can be overcome in the United States and other countries.

Below is Dr. Rowan’s excellent article in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology regarding the use of Ozone therapy specifically against Covid-19:

“A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy” by Robert Jay Rowen, MD and Howard Robins, DPM

Here is a short excerpt from this important article (note his reference to Bocci, who we described earlier as the Italian author of a key Medical Ozone treatment text we referenced in Part 1 of this report):

Corona viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of the condition now named coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19), are rich in cysteine, which residues must be intact for viral activity… Ozone therapy [OT], a very inexpensive and safe modality may safely exploit this critical vulnerability in many viruses, inclusive of SARS-CoV-2…

Mainstream medicine has little in its arsenal for viral disease, and its therapies for bacterial infections are waning as well… 

Briefly, OT improves blood rheology, oxygen delivery, oxygen utilization, endothelial nitric oxide production, and immune modulation via cytokine induction. Bocci privately regarded OT as creating “super-gifted red cells” with increased oxygen delivery via increased 2,3 diglycerophosphate… His work found ozone to induce gamma interferon, known to be as essential part of the body’s antiviral defense.

When blood is treated with ozone, it instantly reacts with electron-rich double bonds of lipids and other molecules. This creates longer lasting downstream weaker oxidant metabolites called ozonides: reactive oxygen species and lipid oxidation products, inclusive of peroxides, peroxyls, alkenes, alkanes. These molecules appear to act as messengers for the key biochemical and immune modulating effects of the therapy. 

“COVID-19, MERS, SARS, and Other Emerging Coronaviruses: Theoretical Considerations and a Proposal for Critical Care Parenteral Blood Ozonation” from the Townsend Letter:

An important overview of current use of Ozone against Covid-19 from Italian sources:

“Oxygen-ozone immunoceutical therapy in COVID-19 outbreak: facts and figures” by the Italian Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy, University of Pavia, Italy

Another report from Italy of the successful use of Ozone for Covid-19:

“Covid-19 Patients Improved with Oxygen Ozone Therapy”

A Spanish report on the successful use of Ozone in Spanish, Italian, and Chinese hospitals:

“Ozone Therapy Proving Successful In Covid-19 Patients” by Rhian King – 8th April 2020

Report from Arizona on saving a patient’s life from Covid through the ECMO process to oxygenate a person’s blood outside their body then return it.  NOTE:  Ozone physicians state that the Ozone Major Autohematotherapy (MAH) method (ozonating the blood outside of the body and then returning it) is a superior system for blood oxygenation to ECMO.  Also rectal insufflation, a method which can be done at home, has been shown in some studies to be almost as effective as MAH.

“First Arizona patient on ventilator survives COVID-19 with rare blood treatment” by Alison Steinback for the Arizona Republic

To end Part 2 of this report, please note that a petition has been created on to permit and support the use of Ozone for Covid-19 patients in the United States. 

The text of it reads:

Encourage the use of European Anti-Covid Treatment

Patients with advanced Covid-19 disease are avoiding going on ventilators using treatments that have been developed in Europe and in use for many years.  These treatments involve using Ozone to purify the blood and bolster the immune system.  

We are receiving NUMEROUS reports from doctors in Spain and Italy showing highly successful treatments of advanced Covid-19 disease and major reductions on patients even needing ventilation.

We ask that our government encourage hospitals to permit physicians trained in these therapies to care for their hospitalized patients as well as in their clinics. 

To sign the petition, go to this link.


In this third and final part of the report, we will give you the information you need to make an informed choice on a Medical Ozone generator and accessories for home use.

This will include our latest research into units available in North America (conducted March – May 2020), including the specific units that we chose to purchase for the institute based on our research.

The sections for this Part 3 are:

3A. Comparing Medical Ozone Companies: Best Technology & Fastest Delivery

3B. Home Ozone Generators: Our Recommendations 

3C.  12 Key Home Ozone Methods & Required Accessories 

3D.  Information Sources for Home Use Protocols 

3E.  Non-Medical Ozone Generators & Their Uses 

3A. Comparing Medical Ozone Companies:
Best Technology & Fastest Delivery

During the preparation of this report, many persons in the Vesica Institute network (who were aware that we were working on the Medical research report) asked us for our recommendations:

* which specific Ozone generator we had purchased for our own use, 

* which company was shipping Ozone generators and accessories in the shortest amount of time (without waiting months for delivery), 

* which company had the best and latest technology, etc.

In our original first draft of this report, we only dealt with general aspects of home Ozone use here in Part 3, to avoid the appearance of this being a commercial for specific products,and with the intent of simply clarifying how any person can access medical quality Ozone for home use if they desire to do so.

However given the ongoing requests we have received for simplified recommendations for the specific company which we found had the optimal technology, for specific Ozone generators and accessories which would be delivered in the shortest possible time, etc. we made the decision to be highly specific about our recommendations and to link directly to ordering for these items.

At the beginning of our current research, we identified three companies which make dependable Medical Ozone generators in North America: these are Promolife and SimplyO3 (both based in the United States) and Longevity (based in Canada).  All of these companies make generally reliable products, so you could use any of their ozone generators with a degree of confidence.

We compared the technical specs on their devices, their pricing, and also placed orders (or attempted to place an order, as will be described in a moment) with each company to determine to determine which of the three we can recommend at this time.

The result of our research in March-May 2020 is that the company in North America which we have determined to have at this time the best combination of technology, customer service, pricing, and current availability is Promolife, based in Arkansas.

This is the company which we then chose to purchase our own Ozone unit from for the Vesica institute, with excellent results from their products.

Here are the full details on our research leading to this conclusion.


The first aspect of our search was to find the latest and most dependable technology available; all three companies listed above make acceptable and effective Medical Ozone units.

Two of the main considerations are quality of materials and precision & intensity of Ozone output.

In both of these areas we found Promolife to have a significant advantage.

Ceramic Cells vs. Quartz Glass Cells:

Promolife is the only one out of the three companies which we could determine uses  Ceramic dielectrics technology rather than Quartz Glass for Ozone cells.  The Ceramic used by Promolife has the same basic chemical composition as does Sapphire and Rubies.

Here is a quick summary of the difference between the technologies:

* Hardness and Durability: Quartz glass has a relative hardness of 7 in the Mohs hardness scale, whereas the Ceramic used with Ozone (which has the same chemical composition as natural Sapphire) is a 9 on the hardness scale; Ceramic is harder, more durable, and does not suffer from the same potential for thermal shock creating faults in the Quartz glass structure.

* Heat Resistance: Ceramic has a much higher heat tolerance, and also has superior heat dispersion, than does Quartz glass; for this reason, Ceramic is used instead of Quartz Glass in high temperature crucibles in blast furnaces to refine metals.

* Precision of Ozone output: Ozone generation creates heat; even if manufacturers claim their method is “Cold Corona” it still is heat generating.  Quartz glass retains this heat more than Ceramic does; this higher heat retention of Quartz glass in turn may make the output level of Ozone unstable, especially at higher Gamma intensity levels.  Ceramic units may have more precise and stable Ozone generation levels.  This is why many leading technological firms in the world which need extremely precise Ozone levels in their systems use Ceramic in some or all of their devices; this includes NASA, Boeing, Oak Ridge National Labs, etc.

Here is a very useful article with more details on why Ceramic is preferable to Quartz Glass in Ozone cells:

Glass vs. Ceramic: What’s Better for Ozone Generators

As a side note, we at Vesica were sensitive to this issue of Quartz vs. Sapphire chemical compounds because of our work in the vibrational science of minerals.  To make high quality indirect vibrational elixirs of stones, we teach in our courses to use the laboratory-quality Quartz cylinders which can conduct the full spectrum of Electro-Magnetic frequencies (in addition to more subtle vibrational qualities) from the stone, which regular glass or Pyrex do not; however there is an even more advanced option, which is laboratory quality Sapphire cylinders.  In our courses we teach the use of the Quartz cylinders rather than the Sapphire, simply because the Sapphire cylinders are much more expensive.

Happily, in the case of the Ozone generators, choosing a unit with a Ceramic cell dielectric composition matching Sapphire (instead of a Quartz glass cell) does not significantly increase the price of the generator, making the Ceramic (“Sapphire”) option available to everyone.

Again, Promolife is the only one of the three companies to our knowledge to offer the superior ceramic cell dielectric technology.

Ozone Production Tube Design

Promolife is also the only one of the three companies which, to our knowledge, offers a new and radically improved type of Ozone production cell. 

Rather than a traditional cylindrical cell, Promolife now offers two models – the O3Arc, and the O3Arc Plus – which have a new flattened structure.  This flattening of the tube increases the surface area significantly (more than doubles the surface area) which allows for much improved heat dissipation.

This greater heat dissipation avoids the degradation of the Ozone by the heat, so this in turn can create more precise levels of Ozone production, especially at lower flow rates.

This provides some background to why we selected the O3Arc as the Ozone generator we use at the Vesica Institute, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

Promolife has had tested these units using these new ceramic and flattened tube technologies, and they have been found to create ultra-pure Ozone with no harmful by-products.

As a side note, from my time as a U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in the Nuclear-Biological-Chemical field, I am familiar with the major advantage of a flat increased surface area cell rather than a traditional cylindrical cell.  Geiger counters use a Geiger-Muller tube to detect radioactive particles and to give a count regarding radiation level.  The best units have a flattened “pancake tube” with increased surface area, which gives much more sensitive and accurate radiation readings, than do standard units with a basic cylindrical tube.

Summary: The combination of the new Ceramic technology and the flattened increased surface-area Generation Tube in the Promolife company products makes them our top pick for Technology.

One other factor not described yet, is that Promolife also offers precise digital setting of Ozone output in relatively inexpensive units, a feature that is only available in much more expensive units from some other companies.


All three of the North American Medical Ozone equipment suppliers we contacted noted that they were having extremely high call volumes, with a major rush of people purchasing equipment; the likely source of this unusual volume is, of course, generally believed to be the current concerns over the Covid-19 epidemic.  

What is interesting is that there has been virtually no meaningful coverage during the current crisis of Medical Ozone as a therapy, from any governmental or major media source; nonetheless there is enough awareness of the power of Ozone amongst knowledgeable people who are doing their own health research and making their own choices, that there has been a major run on Ozone equipment.

We started our research into which firm had the best immediate availability of Ozone devices & the best customer service for order fulfillment, 

with absolutely no preference in the field and no pre-existing relationships of any kind with any firm.  

We began by calling Longevity, a well-known name in Medical Ozone equipment which has partnerships with major persons in the field whom we respect, such as Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

Two different people in our office called Longevity to place an order, at multiple times on multiple days.

In each case we were told (either by recording or by a live operator) that they could not help us now and to leave our number and then promised to get back to us within 24 hours.

It has now been well over a month since we began leaving multiple messages, and there still has not been a single return phone call or other contact from Longevity.

We recognize that these firms may be short-staffed and very busy; however after a month of waiting for a return call, Longevity never made it possible to place an order with them or to determine the arrival time for a unit from them.  

We then contacted SimplyO3, and to their credit we were able to speak to a live operator every time we called.

We placed a sample order with them for an Ozone bubbler unit (which can be used to ozonate water from a generator), which was shown to be in stock on their website.

We then received an email confirmation of order, and later a confirmation of shipping.

There was no indication of any out of stock issue, delays etc. in any of the communications. So far so good.

When we received the shipment from SimplyO3, we found the package only contained the minor part of the unit, the top of the flask connected to silicon tubing; there was a large open area in the packaging where the main flask of the bubbler should have been.

We checked the receipt in the package; it appeared that the full bubbler was shipped, with no notation of any items in the order being on back order or not shipped.

We assumed that they simply made a mistake in the shipping department to not have included the main unit in the package, and called their office to notify them.

Again to their credit we were able to speak to a live operator immediately; unfortunately they informed us that the bubbler was out of stock and had been from before the time we ordered it, and it would be shipped when back in stock, although they did not know when that might be.

When we told them that there was no notification of this being out of stock on their website, nor in the order confirmation, nor in the shipping confirmation, nor even in the receipt in the package itself, the operator laughed and said that the same thing had happened to a lot of people receiving orders from them recently. 

When we asked them how we would have ever known about this issue if we hadn’t called them when the product was missing, since they had not notified us in any way, there was no answer other than we would know when the missing item was delivered at some point in the future. 

At the time of this writing many weeks later, we still have not received the missing item nor been notified in any way regarding when it may be sent.

We contacted Promolife third and last in the series of companies; we spoke immediately to a live operator who confirmed that the main units we asked about would be able to ship in several weeks, with some accessories potentially taking longer.

This clarity on availability, coupled with our having found in our previously described research that their company appeared to have the most up to date technology, led to our then placing an extensive order with them for an Ozone generator and accessories needed for most types of home Ozone applications (19 items were ordered in total).

We received the order complete and in perfect condition in just over two weeks from time of order, with excellent printed materials containing multiple quick-start guides accompanying the products.

So in summary, of the three companies the fastest delivery and our best customer service experience – by far — was with Promolife.

As a caveat, we do recognize that companies can have difficult periods and things can fall through the cracks.

Other people may have different experiences with their orders from these companies, than what our experience was in this case.  

However this is an accurate account of our personal experience in doing the research for this article, which we conducted to find which company could most quickly and dependably provide us the needed items at this critical time.

Based on our research into the three companies, and the units we ourselves chose to purchase and use, we will in our next two sections recommend specific Ozone generators and accessories for home use.

Note: After our research, including our personal use of their equipment, revealed Promolife to be what we believe is currently the best option for a Medical Ozone generator and accessories in North America, we have set up an affiliate relationship with Promolife to help get their resources to our network.

We want to emphasize that we are not promoting Promolife because of our having a pre-existing affiliate relationship with them; the situation is in fact the opposite, that we only recently created this relationship with them based on the outcome of our research showing that they now have the leading technology, and based on our direct experience when ordering from them as a general member of the public, not as an affiliate that they also had the best fulfillment time and customer service.

After we determined Promolife to be our Top Pick Medical Ozone company in North America, and had completed testing the equipment we ordered from them for evaluation, we contacted the company to describe our research project and the general work of the Vesica Institute.

We then asked the company if they would be open to working with us to provide a discount to friends of the Vesica Institute to make the units more easily affordable to them.

They agreed, so when ordering any of the Promolife Ozone items in the next sections of this report, you can receive 7% off your order by using the following discount code on the order page:


3B. Home Ozone Generators: Our Recommendations

The foundation of all home Medical Ozone use are two elements:

1. A Medical Ozone generator, which converts pure oxygen (O2) into pure Ozone (O3).

2. An oxygen tank to provide pure oxygen.  Although Medical Oxygen tanks require a doctor’s prescription in the U.S., many users of Medical Ozone at home use Industrial oxygen which does not require a prescription (industrial oxygen is just as pure as Medical Oxygen).   

We will cover oxygen tanks in more detail after we discuss our top picks for a Medical Ozone generator.

Remember that for any of the items described below, friends of the Vesica Institute can receive a 7% discount by adding the discount code below on the order page:


Based on our research described earlier to find the best technology currently available in Home Medical Ozone Generators, the generator (included in the full Redwood premium package which we purchased) which we chose — and now use daily ourselves — at the Vesica Institute is:

OUR TOP PICK GENERATOR: O3Arc Standard Digital Ozone Generator $1395

This unit offers all of the advanced technologies we described earlier:

  • Ceramic dielectric
  • Flattened, increased surface-area Ozone generation tube
  • Precise digital control
  • Tested for pure, stable Ozone output with no toxic by-products

This unit also offers Ozone output up to 111 Gamma, which is enough for all types of home applications (even enough for Ozone Saunas, which require a very high output of at least 100 Gamma – this will be discussed in the next section on accessories, for Method 11.)

(Note: there are higher level units available, but they are targeted for use in medical clinics and have modifications which are not needed for home use; these clinical units are also more expensive.)


Redwood Premium Ozone Package $2,377 

This package contains our Top Pick Generator, the O3Arc Standard Digital Ozone Generator plus many essential accessories for practical applications.

This package is what we ordered for the Vesica Institute, along with some additional accessories.  It provides the items needed for many (but not all) essential home applications (which we will explain in the upcoming section 3C of this report).

 Package contains:

  • O3Arc Standard Ozone Generator with tubing and connectors
  • 640L Industrial Oxygen Tank (unfilled)
  • “540” Industrial Oxygen Tank Regulator
  • Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct (500ml Flask)
  • Ozone Oil Bubbler/Trap Combo
  • PurO3 Ozonated Oil Samples (Olive, Jojoba, Coconut and Hemp)
  • Ten Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags
  • 200ml Ozone-Safe Syringe
  • Teflon Earscope for Ear Insufflations
  • Fifty Catheters
  • Three Pack Sample of PurO3 Ozone Suppositories
  • 2″ Silicon Ozone Cup

This set includes all the tubing and connectors needed for setup, including a detailed visual instruction guide.

Also includes a custom gamma chart setting your digital Ozone generator for an extremely accurate level of output.  The Ozone generator is calibrated with the exact regulator you choose, to produce Ozone up to 111 gamma.

Please note that this package includes the items needed for many different application methods which we will cover in section 3C of this report.

It is worth noting here however, for persons who do not read past this point, that for the methods of rectal or vaginal insufflation this package only includes basic catheters for insertion into the body for internal use of Ozone for these areas.

Women, or men who purchase a unit which will also be used by women, should seriously consider also purchasing as a separate item the vaginal insufflation kit, which is more comfortable and also has a vastly improved surface area for ozone insufflation directly into vaginal tissue, than does the simple catheter included in this kit. 

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit $59.95

NOTE: Medical Ozone generators require attaching an oxygen tank containing pure O2, in order for them to produce pure Ozone O3.  

When ordering the complete package above, you will need to choose what type of oxygen tank (shipped empty) & matching regulator will be shipped to you as part of the package (included in the price).

Unless you are a medical doctor who can prescribe yourself medical oxygen, or you have a medical doctor who will provide you with an ongoing prescription for this, you may choose to get the industrial oxygen tank with matching regulator (refills for industrial oxygen do not require a prescription, and the oxygen is just as high quality as “medical” oxygen tanks. 

See further details on oxygen tanks and regulators at the end of this section.) 

BEST BUDGET / PORTABLE GENERATOR: The O3Elite Mini Ozone Generator  $649

 This is really a very low price point for an excellent entry level Ozone generator, which also acts as an easily portable small generator for when you travel. 

In addition to the usual health applications for home use, this very portable generator can be used to ozonate questionable water when travelling before drinking it, which kills virtually all biological pathogens in the water.  Also many people choose to drink this highly ozonated water as soon as the water has finished being filled with Ozone by the generator — about 25 or more minutes on a high setting — when travelling, to help kill pathogens in the digestive tract and for a general energizing effect.)

Of course as this mini unit costs less than half the price of our top pick described earlier, you lose some of the features and technology of the more expensive unit; however this mini generator still creates very pure Ozone and can be used for the majority of home applications.

Do be aware that this generator tops out around 65 Gamma (a measure of Ozone intensity) whereas our top pick of the O3Arc generates up to 111 Gamma.  100 Gamma is the minimum for an effective Ozone sauna, so especially if you are planning to add an Ozone sauna to your Ozone applications (and you really should consider this, it is a fantastic addition especially in assisting the purging of pathogens and toxins from the body) you will need a stronger output generator that this budget O3Elite Mini unit.

More info on Ozone saunas will be discussed in the next section 3C, methods 11 & 12.


Basic Ozone Insufflation Package  $1,074.90

Package contains:

  • O3Elite Single Standard Ozone Generator with tubing and connectors
  • Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct
  • Teflon Earscope for Ear Insufflations
  • Three Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags
  • Two 60ml Ozone Syringes
  • Ten Catheters
  • Three Pack Sample of PurO3 Ozone Suppositories
  • PurO3 Ozonated Oil Samples (Olive, Jojoba, Coconut and Hemp)

For just over U.S. $1000, you can have a basic package consisting of a Medical Ozone generator plus selected accessories which will make possible these practical applications:

  • ozonate water,
  • humidify Ozone for easier absorption internally, and 
  • perform basic internal insufflations through the ears, rectally, or vaginally (these internal insufflations are the most powerful home applications, with the deepest penetration of Ozone into the body and blood, other than the more complex clinical methods of ozonating blood directly.)

For the price point listed here, this unit comes with the O3 Elite Single generator, which is a bit above the O3 Elite Mini which is our budget pick, but technologically below the O3Arc which is our top pick. This O3 Elite Single unit puts out a max of 70 gamma, which is enough for most home applications but not enough for home Ozone saunas. 

Please note that while this budget pick package can do all the things mentioned above, it does not have the larger set of accessories (including oxygen tank and regulator) which come standard with our top pick, the Redwood Premium package.

Please note that this budget package, similar to our top pick package described earlier, only includes basic catheters for rectal and vaginal use; women should seriously consider also purchasing as a separate item the vaginal insufflation kit, which is more comfortable and also has a vastly improved surface area for Ozone insufflation directly into vaginal tissue, than does the simple catheter included in this kit. 

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit $59.95

Completing Your Fundamental Home Medical Ozone Setup:
What you Need to Know about Oxygen Tanks and Regulators

The fundamental nucleus of any home Medical Ozone setup is the medical grade Ozone generator (described above) and the oxygen tank which provides the pure O2 to the generator so that it can produce pure ozone O3.

As described earlier, there are two options for oxygen tanks, each of which has a different configuration that requires a matching regulator to use with the tank: 

1. Medical (which needs a specific regulator known as the 870 regulator).  Medical oxygen can only be obtained through a Doctor’s prescription in the U.S., so you will only pick this option if you are an M.D. or have an ongoing prescription for medical oxygen.

2. Industrial (which needs a specific regulator known as the 540 regulator).  The majority of people doing home use of Ozone choose industrial oxygen tanks, as they contain oxygen which is just as pure as the medical oxygen tanks, but do not require a prescription.

You will need the oxygen tank and matching regulator to go with your Ozone generator.

Our top pick package above (the complete Redwood Premium Ozone package) allows you to choose either an empty medical or industrial tank, and its matching regulator, which is included with the cost of the package.

Large filled oxygen tanks are not allowed to be shipped to home addresses in the United States.  However Promolife does offer small, prefilled industrial oxygen tanks which can be shipped to your door: two tanks are $249.95.

The ordering page also has an option to add the regulator if you don’t already have one, which is an additional $99.95.  There is also an optional stand, to hold your small prefilled oxygen tank upright during use with the ozone generator, for $15.

O2Ready Prefilled Oxygen Tanks

For persons living in the U.S., there are no issues in receiving these prefilled oxygen tanks; we received them at a residential address in North Carolina quickly and easily after ordering. 

For persons living outside of the U.S., we do not recommend ordering the prefilled industrial oxygen tanks, because of possible customs issues.

If you do not order the pre-filled small oxygen tanks from Promolife, and do not have a medical oxygen prescription from an M.D., you will obtain your industrial oxygen tanks from a local industrial oxygen tank supply store; these stores tend to be easy to find in any urban area of North America, as they supply the oxygen tanks for welding and other common industrial uses.  

Larger stores of this kind will refill a tank with oxygen that you bring to them, however smaller stores often require you to swap out your tank for a tank in their inventory which is already pre-filled with oxygen, or else at these smaller stores you will have to pay for the tank itself along with the oxygen it is filled with.

As a final note, you may see “Oxygen Concentrators” for sale as well.  These units are more expensive than oxygen tanks.  They concentrate oxygen from ambient air, and are excellent for purposes such as supplemental oxygen (O2) that a person breaths from a mask or nasal cannula; they can also be used for simple methods to feed oxygen into a Medical Ozone generator if you have the right adapter.

However Oxygen Concentrators make oxygen of only 95% purity or less. This is okay for supplemental oxygen to breathe and very basic Medical Ozone methods like ozonating water.  However this is NOT a high enough purity to optimize many Medical Ozone methods which put the ozone directly into the body (ear, vaginal, or rectal insufflation for example, or clinical ozonation of blood) which require the higher purity oxygen you get only from a Medical or Industrial Oxygen Tank.

Again, to use any Medical Ozone generator you must have an oxygen tank and matching regulator, to connect to the generator.

This basic set of 

  • Medical Ozone Generator,
  • Oxygen Tank, and
  • Regulator which matches your oxygen tank type (“870”regulator for medical oxygen or “540” type for industrial oxygen) are the fundamentals for home Ozone use.

The next section of this report will build on these fundamentals, to describe 12 Key methods for home Medical Ozone use and the accessories required for each method.

3C. 12 Home Ozone Methods & Required Accessories

One barrier to the average person having access to home Medical Ozone, is not understanding which key methods are suitable for home use, and not knowing what accessories are needed for each type of method.

To open up experimentation with this remarkable modality to more people, in this section we will describe 12 Key Methods and which exact accessories to use for each. 

These methods and the use of the needed accessories are actually quite simple in most cases. We have done our best to clarify the key information in this section, then in the following section 3D we will link further written and video resources for precise home use protocols.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of these accessories are included in the full Redwood Premium Package we recommended in section 3B.  If you are purchasing that package, or other packages / kits, be sure to check to see which accessories below are included in your package, and which you will need to order separately to perform the methods you choose.

Our 12 Methods of Home Use are divided into 5 Types for clarity:

TYPE I: Ozone infusion of substances

Method 1: Ozonating Water

Method 2: Ozonating Oils

TYPE II: Ozone use in the body

Method 3: Humidification of Ozone before introduction into the body (also includes information on Insufflation Bags and Syringes)

Method 4: Ear Insufflation

Method 5: Vaginal Insufflation

Method 6: Rectal Insufflation

TYPE III: Ozone use on the body

Method 7: Ozone Cupping

Method 8: Limb bagging

Method 9: Whole Body bagging

Method 10: Eye drops

Method 11: Ozone Steam Sauna

Method 12: Ozone Infrared Sauna

Remember that for any of the items listed for the 12 methods described below, friends of the Vesica Institute can receive a 7% discount by adding the discount code below on the order page:


12 Key Methods of Home Ozone Use:


METHOD 1. Ozonating water:

Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo $169.95 – $179.95

 This unit makes possible two functions with one device: ozonating water, and humidifying Ozone to then put the humidified Ozone (rather than straight Ozone, which can be drying) into body cavities to better absorb the Ozone into the body.  We will address humidifying Ozone for internal use in a later section.

For the ozonating water function, this has two aspects:

The first (and most common for Medical Ozone purposes) is to saturate water with Ozone, then immediately after ozonation to then drink the water, as a very easy way to get Ozone into the system.

This unit can be ordered with either a 500ml or 1000ml glass bottle (you select your size).  

This kit also comes with the essential “Ozone destruct” unit which absorbs and destroys any excess Ozone, so that no Ozone is allowed to escape from the water ozonation process; this protects the person using the unit from breathing in Ozone, which can be hard on the lungs.  Ozone destruct units are essential for many Medical Ozone processes to keep Ozone from escaping into the air where it could be breathed in.   

It is best to use water which you keep chilled in a refrigerator when making Ozone water, as cold water can absorb much more Ozone than warm water; heat accelerates the process of breaking down Ozone (H2O2) into water (H20) and a free atom of oxygen.

The second aspect of ozonating water is to kill pathogens in the water, which can be done anytime you have a water supply which you suspect may have biological contamination (note this is different than chemical contamination, which would also require filtration to physically remove the chemical).

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

All items need for this method 1 are included in our Top Pick Complete Package

and are also included in the Best Budget Package

METHOD 2. Ozonating Oils for Topical Use:

Ozonated Oil Making System $247.95 – $259.95

This system is designed so you can effectively make any kind of ozonated oil, such as oils of coconut, hemp, olive, CBD, etc.  This allows you to make ozonated oils of any kind to use topically on the body, rather than having to purchase these ozonated oils from vendors, which can get expensive over time.

All of the accessories you need to produce ozonated oils are in this package: includes Oil Bubbler, Oil Trap, Ozone Destruct with extra destruct material, tubing and adapters, etc.  You can choose either a 500 ml or 1000ml flask.

Whereas Ozone breaks down quickly in water – which is why when drinking Medical Ozone water, you use chilled water and drink it immediately after ozonation – Ozone can stay in O3 form for a long time in oil, making ozonated oils a good choice for applying onto surface problem areas of the body.  There are decades of anecdotal reports of the successful use of ozonated oils on surface blemishes, infections etc.

Do be aware that fully ozonating an oil can be a lengthy process over many days; it is complete when the oil turns from a liquid to a thick gel consistency at room temperature. Having a higher quality generator which can create a higher Gamma intensity production of Ozone, may accelerate the process.

Olive Oil is the most popular Oil to infuse with.  Olive is in the middle of the list of Ozone strength for oils; it is higher in strength than jojoba or coconut oils, but is better for a wider range of skin types than is hemp or sunflower oils.

Ozonated Olive Oil is extensively used to reoxygenate tissues for multiple skin conditions when used topically. It is very popular for use with facial treatments and can be very helpful for applying onto wounds. When used during massage, Ozone enters tissues and helps oxidizes lactic acid and toxins for better elimination.

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

All items need for this method 2 are included in our Top Pick Complete Package

However they are NOT included in the Best Budget Package

and would need to be purchased separately to use this method.


Note: one of the most important clinical applications is ozonating the blood directly, for which there are three methods, which are (in order of desirability): Direct Injection, Saline Infusion, and Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) where blood is ozonated outside of the body and then put back in.  

However these clinical methods for directly ozonating the blood are beyond the ability of most people to use at home, and will not be covered here.

The Type II (Ozone use in the body) methods below are relatively easy for Home use by the average person.

Method 3. Humidification of Ozone before introduction into the body

Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo $169.95 – $179.95

We discussed this humidification function also in the section for method number 1 above, because our recommendation (and what we do ourselves at the Institute) is to use the same Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo as we discussed in method 1; this unit can Ozonate Water and also can Humidify Ozone for internal body use.  In other words, you only need this one unit, in order to do both the functions of Number 1 and 3 in this list.

Ozone gas can be inserted directly into the body cavities (technically referred to as “insufflation”) of the Ear, Vagina, and Rectum, which are all very powerful modalities to get the Ozone deep into the body.  However straight Ozone into the body can be very drying, so it is preferable to humidify the gas before putting it into the body which makes it more comfortable and easily assimilated.

It is recommended to use Distilled water in the humidifier, or at minimum clean Spring water.

If for any reason you want to have a separate unit for humidifying Ozone, this is available in the 500ml Basic Ozone Humidifier $79.95 (which does not include an Ozone destruct unit nor extra lengths of silicon tubing).  

 This basic unit is NOT required if you have our recommended Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo, which does include the extra needed accessories. 

Note: This humidification process to improve assimilation of Ozone, is similar to the situation we described in our article on Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide,

 where we recommended putting the low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide into a saline solution before breathing it through the Nebulizer.

Also for the below insufflation methods (numbers 4-6 in this list of 12 methods), either straight or (preferably) humidified Ozone can be used directly into the body orifice, or you may want to follow some of the suggested amounts to use which are given in the texts written by medical doctors that we list for you in the following section (3D).

To put precise amounts of Ozone into one of the orifices listed below for insufflation, the following items can be used:


Reusable Multi-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bag $9.95

This bag can be filled with straight or humidified Ozone in quantities of 200ml, 400ml or 750ml, based on what amount is needed for a specific protocol. There is a guide on the bag that helps you determine Ozone concentrations and amounts.  These single multi-chambered bags do not include catheters or other connections.

Reusable Multi-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bag 3-Pack w/Catheters $49.95

This three-pack of multi-chambered Ozone insufflation bags includes 3 Catheters.

Or if you do not need to measure a specific amount of Ozone and want to keep a large amount of Ozone stored in a bag for later use:

Reusable Ozone Insufflation Bag 1000 ml $89.95

OZONE SYRINGE (no needles):

 200ml Ozone Syringe – Sterile 

These large Ozone syringes have no needles, they have a blunt end that connects to silicon tubing. These syringes are for filling with 200 ml of Ozone, and then using that syringe to fill a catheter, vaginal insufflator, earscope etc.

Cheap plastic syringes will start to degrade or disintegrate when used with Ozone; after a few uses their rubber plunger will start to stick, and the components will start to off-gas and release a strong odor.

These Ozone-ready syringes are made with an ozone resistant polycarbonate body and silicon plunger. 

 Another option is to bundle the Ozone Syringe with 10 Catheters:

200ml Ozone Syringe and Catheters Package $49.95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

All items need for this method 3 (Humidifier, Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags, 200 ml Ozone-safe Syringe) are included in our Top Pick Complete Package

and they are also included in the Best Budget Package, but with 2 smaller 60ml regular (not ozone-safe, will degrade) regular syringes instead the large 200 ml Ozone-safe syringe 

METHOD 4. Ear Insufflation
(Ozone absorbed through the ear canal):

Ear insufflation delivers Ozone at a safe concentration into the ear canal, which has been used for decades experimentally for individuals experiencing brain fog, sinus issues, ear problems and potentially neurological issues.

It is the cleanest and easiest of the insufflation applications, used frequently by persons who have Medical Ozone generators. However the quantities introduced into the ear canal is often less than used in insufflations into the vagina or rectum, which have much larger potential internal volume and surface areas.

Teflon Ozone Earscope with Removable Ear Buds $49.95

As noted in the previous item 3, a humidifier is not required to create Ozone to use for Ear Insufflation, however Ozone can be drying so we do highly recommend that you run the Ozone through a humidifier before it enters the ear canal.  Connecting the Earscope to the humidifier is easy and is described & illustrated in the link below.

This unit uses ear buds which are removable and replaceable, so that they can be removed for cleaning.

This also has the advantage that you can purchase additional ear buds at a low cost for multiple people to have their own set of ear buds for hygiene purposes.  This allows multiple members of a group or family to use the same Ozone Earscope, by just switching out their ear buds on the end of the scope.

Additional ear buds can be purchased separately.  We recommend that you use small Ziploc bags with the person’s name written on it with a Sharpie, to store and identify the earbuds for multiple people.

Ear Buds for Teflon Ozone Earscope $4.95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

All items need for this method 4 (except additional earbuds; one set in package)  are included in our Top Pick Complete Package

and are also included (except additional earbuds; one set in package) in the Best Budget Package 

METHOD 5. Vaginal Insufflation
(Ozone absorbed through the Vagina)

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit $59.95

Vaginal Insufflation is an excellent process for introducing sufficient amounts of Ozone into the whole body, in addition to the benefits of Medical Ozone for the vagina and reproductive organs themselves.  

An older method was to simply place a catheter into the vagina to conduct the Ozone, however this new kit features a redesigned vaginal insert which has the following advantages:

  • Made from 100% medical-grade silicone to be Ozone-safe.
  • New spiral design is comfortable and allows maximum contact with the vaginal wall, including vaginal arteries and internal pudendal vessels, leading to maximum absorption and benefits.
  • No Ozone destruct unit is needed because most of the Ozone is absorbed by the body.

Again we recommend the use of an Ozone Humidifier with all insufflations, including through the vagina. Multi-chambered insufflation bags, or an Ozone Syringe, can be used if applying a protocol with a specific measurement of Ozone in the Vaginal insufflation.

See our recommendations for these items under Method number 3 above.

 There are also anecdotal reports of people finding relief from chronic vaginal infections by using Ozone-infused oil suppositories.  These are available in a variety of different Ozone-infused oils, including Olive Oil, Olive Oil mixed with Castor Oil, Hemp Oil, or Coconut Oil with Vitamin E.  The easiest and cheapest way to see if any of these work for a particular individual is to purchase a sample pack of ozonated suppositories of one of these types of oils or oil blends: 

PurO3 Ozonated Oil Suppository Samples – 3 Pack $9.95

At the time of this writing, these sample packs were out of stock due to the run on Ozone supplies with the current crisis.

Another alternative is to purchase a full container of 30 ozone-infused Olive Oil suppositories, which was in stock at the time of this writing:

PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories $79.95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Neither our Top Pick Complete Package

nor the Best Budget Package

contains the improved Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit for Method 5 (not in the packages, must be ordered separately), both packages do contain just the simple catheter for vaginal insufflation; both packages also do contain the three pack sampler of Ozonated Oil Suppositories.

METHOD 6. Rectal Insufflation
(Ozone absorbed through the Rectum)

Rectal Insufflation is one of the most important methods for infusing large amounts of Ozone into the body.

Some studies have found that the whole-body and blood effects of Rectal Insufflation are very close to that of direct Blood Infusion methods; however unlike Blood Infusion which requires medical technicians in a clinic, Rectal Insufflation can be easily done for oneself at home.

One Italian study which found that Rectal Insufflation can have effects very close in strength to the use of direct infusion of Ozone into Blood, is the following:

“Large auto-hemoinfusion versus rectal insufflation in patients with metabolic syndrome”

By Francesco Vaiano, Fortunato Loprete of the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Scientific Society, Gorle (BG), Italy

Like the other insufflation methods described earlier in this report, Rectal Insufflation can be done either with straight Ozone or with humidified Ozone; and like the other methods, use of humidified Ozone is best.

The needed accessories are fairly basic: an Ozone humidifier (the Ozone Water Bubbler/ Humidifier Combo described earlier can also work for also this) and a catheter to insert in the rectum.  

So if you have items described earlier (generator, oxygen tank and regulator, humidifier, and catheter) you already have what you need for Medical Ozone rectal insufflation. 

If you are ONLY interested in Rectal Insufflation as the most powerful home method for Medical Ozone application, there is a low-cost package with everything needed for this method (except for the humidifier, which is not included, and should be purchased separately):

Rectal Insufflation Package $698.95

This package comes with an Ozone generator (at the price point above, the O3Elite Mini generator is included) and your choice of either 3 multi-chamber bags or a 200ml Ozone syringe, along with 10 catheters.

A natural lubricant is recommended for insertion of the catheter into the Rectum; Olive Oil or Coconut Oil are commonly used. 

Important Note on Rectal Insufflations: In the upcoming 3D section of this Report, we will discuss sources for more information on how to perform these different methods.  Regarding Rectal Insufflation, we discuss the important Italian text Ozone: A New Medical Drug by Velio Bocci M.D.   In that text’s information on Rectal Insufflation, it notes that the colon should be clear for using this method, or else much of the Ozone will be absorbed into feces in the colon and not go into the body where it is needed. This means applying this method either after a bowel movement, or after an enema.

Following on that idea, an obvious application would be to use Ozonated Water (Method 1 above), or to use Ozonated Saline Water, as the water in an enema to add more benefit.  

I cannot recall having ever seen this method described in a text, but it would be a simple and natural application when using an enema. 

There are also many anecdotal reports of people finding relief from various rectal issues (including hemorrhoids, anal fissures, constipation, colitis etc.)  by using Ozone-infused oil suppositories.  These are available in a variety of different Ozone-infused oils, including Olive Oil, Olive Oil mixed with Castor Oil, Hemp Oil, or Coconut Oil with Vitamin E.  The easiest and cheapest way to see if any of these work for a particular individual is to purchase a sample pack of ozonated suppositories of one of these types of oils or oil blends: 

PurO3 Ozonated Oil Suppository Samples – 3 Pack $9.95

At the time of this writing, these sample packs were out of stock due to the run on Ozone supplies with the current crisis.

Another alternative is to purchase a full container of 30 ozone-infused Olive Oil suppositories, which was in stock at the time of this writing:

PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories $79.95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Both our Top Pick Complete Package  

And the Best Budget Package

Contain the accessories needed for Method 6 (multi-chamber insufflation bags and catheters); they also both contain the three pack sampler of Ozonated Oil Suppositories.


METHOD 7. Ozone Cupping

Ozone cupping is the method of running ozone into a cup made of an Ozone-resistant material such as silicone or glass, with the cup placed on a specific area of the body to focus Ozone topically on that area.  This is used for wound care, infections, insect bites, and a variety of skin issues.

At the moment, all North American Ozone manufacturers are reporting that Ozone glassware is sold out and may take three weeks or more to ship.

Silicone Ozone Cup Set $59.95

This set comes with two different size silicone cups with their own built in Ozone destruct filters, and connections to attach easily to Ozone tubing.  It is recommended to use humidified Ozone for cupping, such as the Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo described previously.

Silicone Cups were still available at the time of this writing.  Silicone cups also have the advantage that they are flexible and can sometimes fit more easily over oddly shaped body areas such as face, knees, and elbows.

Glass Ozone cups are available in sizes of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 inches.

Ozone Glassware Cup $59.95 – $139.95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:
 A single 2” Silicone Cup is included in our Top Pick Complete Package
There are no Cups for Method 7 included in the Best Budget Package

METHOD 8.  Limb Bagging

This method encloses arms or legs to focus Ozone on these areas; either direct Ozone or humidified Ozone can be used, but as usual we recommend using the humidified Ozone.

Ozone Limb Bags with Built-in Seal: Arm Bag $19.95  Leg Bag $24.95

These limb bags provide an airtight seal so the Ozone will not leak out into the room. They have a preinstalled tubing connector to attach easily to your Ozone generator, along with a tube clamp to lock the Ozone in place when you are done adding Ozone to the bag.

 Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Neither our Top Pick Complete Package

nor the Best Budget Package

contains limb bags for Method 8, these would need to be purchased separately if desired.

METHOD 9.  Whole Body Bagging

The full body Ozone bag is one of the easiest methods for using Ozone over your entire body. The bag is made of Ozone-resistant material and has a double sided zipper so you can close it by yourself if needed, and can fit a person who is up to 6’ 6” tall. The bag is designed to completely enclose your body, leaving your head exposed out of the top. 

To lessen Ozone leaking from the top at the neck area, wrap a towel around your neck and also a small fan can be used to blow excess Ozone away from your face. You will need to attach the tubing from your Ozone generator to the included adapter.  Then you zip yourself up in the bag, pull the zipper to your neck and either sit or lie down for the desired time period.

Essentially, this is a less expensive way to get some of the benefits of a full Ozone sauna (which will be introduced later in this section).

Full Body Ozone Bag $69,95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Neither our Top Pick Complete Package

nor the Best Budget Package

contain the Full Body Ozone Bag for Method 9, it will need to be ordered separately if desired.

METHOD 10. Eye Drops

Ozonated saline solution can be used as eye drops.  For this method, the following items are needed:

  • An Ozone water bubbler which will be filled with saline solution rather than regular water.
  • Preservative free saline solution (this can be made oneself if not purchased from a drug store).
  • Glass eye dropper to store the ozonated saline solution, and drop the solution into the eyes after ozonation.

You will likely be able to put together these items easily.

If you are in need of a small bubbler specifically for making ozonated saline for eye drops, and a dropper bottle, it is available:

Ozone Saline Eye Drop System $99.95

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Both our Top Pick Complete Package

and the Best Budget Package contain the Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo which can be used as the Bubbler to make the ozonated saline, leaving only the saline solution and glass dropper bottle to complete the needed items for Method 10.

METHOD 11. Ozone Steam Sauna

Saunas are well known for their ability to raise the body’s core body temperature to help the immune system overcome illness, and for helping the body to detoxify by the expulsion of a wide range of toxins through sweating.

There are many protocols used in holistic health circles where saunas are added to oxygen therapies, in order to greatly accelerate the process of recovery from some illnesses.

The sauna’s beneficial effects are greatly amplified particularly by adding Ozone into the sauna; however most Saunas made for home use are not made of Ozone-safe materials (Ozone quickly breaks down many plastics, rubber, etc.) so Ozone cannot be added to the interior of such saunas.

A sauna specifically made for adding Ozone is required, which not only is made of the appropriate materials but also has the right connectors to link to the flow of Ozone from an Ozone generator.

An Ozone sauna is a major addition to your home use of Medical Ozone, expanding the usefulness of your Ozone generator into a very significant new application which benefits the entire body with immune system stimulation.

The first type of Ozone-ready sauna is a steam sauna with Ozone; the second type is an infra-red sauna.  Each has their advantages, although we have found that for detoxification through sweating, the steam sauna is more effective; it also has the advantage of automatically humidifying the Ozone in the sauna.

Because we already have numerous infra-red healing lamps and devices at the Vesica Institute, and because we like the increased detoxification through sweat we experience with the steam sauna, we chose the Ozone steam sauna for our own use.  However there are important advantages with the infra-red sauna as well, which will be discussed in Method 12.

As mentioned previously an Ozone sauna (whether steam or infrared) for optimal effectiveness needs an Ozone generator which can create at least 100 gamma.  So our Top Pick Generator, which is included in our Top Pick Package with accessories, can be used with any Ozone sauna. Whereas our Budget Pick Generator only generates 65 Gamma and the slightly upgrade generator in our Budget Pick Package only generates 75 Gamma, so they cannot be used effectively with an Ozone sauna.  (65 or 75 Gamma is sufficient for the vast majority of home use Ozone protocols, but not for saunas, which requires a very high output to cover the entirety of the body – and to compensate for the accelerated breakdown of Ozone into water and oxygen, from the heat in the sauna).

Steam Sauna Pro Steam Cabinet – $3,545.00

Note that with this link, you will need to select the “Ozone-ready” version of this steam sauna cabinet (which is made of Ozone-resistant materials) on the order page. An Ozone port is included with the Ozone-ready option, which allows you to connect tubing from your Ozone generator directly to the cabinet. Ozone will mix with the steam and circulate throughout the sauna.

This is a complete, self-contained unit to sit in, with your body inside the sauna up to the neck, your head is not enclosed. It is recommended to wrap a towel around your neck to keep Ozone and steam from leaking out around your head. This Ozone-ready steam sauna features adjustable seat height, which is essential for comfort when people of different heights may be using the sauna cabinet.

Another advantage of this particular unit, the Steam Sauna Pro, it that it does not need plumbing. There is a stainless steel reservoir under the seat to pour approximately seven liters of water into, and then you plug the sauna in. The thermostat has 10 temperature settings and a 60-minute timer. It will automatically shut off when the reservoir is empty to protect the stainless steel element. A special drain makes it easy to remove any excess water from the unit.

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Neither our Top Pick Complete Package

nor the Best Budget Package

includes any type of Sauna, they must be purchased separately if desired.

METHOD 12. Infrared Sauna Dome

In Method 11 above we introduced the general concept of ozone saunas, then discussed the first sauna option: an Ozone steam sauna, ie a “wet” sauna.

The other Ozone sauna option is an Infrared or “Dry” sauna, which is Method 12.  There are numerous benefits to the use of infrared heat and light, with deep stimulating heat penetration into the body which activates of numerous biological systems in the body.  Also some people simply prefer a dry sauna, finding it more comfortable. 

However do be aware that you will have a much stronger Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) concentration around your body when using an Infrared sauna, so electro-sensitive persons may prefer a steam sauna.  Also everyone should be aware that it is very important when using any healing device with a strong electro-magnetic field to put energetic balancing tools on the power supply, so that when a person is qualitatively tested (with Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda pulse diagnosis, Kinesiology, or Vibrational Radiesthesia) they test strong instead of weak when they are exposed to the EMF of a device.  (We teach the Radiesthesia methods for this in our various Vibrational Testing & Healing courses from the Vesica Institute.)

Most home-use infra-red saunas are not made of Ozone-resistant materials, so it is important to purchase one which has been designed for this purchase, and which features the correct Ozone inlet port.

 Ozone Ready Far Infrared Sauna Dome $1,995.00

This unit has an easy to use Ozone port for using Ozone in the infrared sauna. The Ozone-resistant shell can be pulled out to 72”, to fit a person up to 6’6” tall. The person’s head is outside the unit during treatment. A towel can be wrapped around the individual’s neck to keep Ozone from leaking out. There is a separate timer for the lower and upper sections with auto shutoff or continuous time options.  This highly portable unit collapses and has wheels for easy moving and storage. 

Another difference between this Infrared sauna and the Steam sauna described in Method 11, is that with this particular infrared sauna you are lying down rather than sitting up as in the steam sauna cabinet.  Some people have a preference either for sitting or for lying down when taking a sauna, so consider this when deciding between this model or a steam sauna cabinet.

Regarding the packages of Ozone generator + accessories we recommended in section 3B:

Neither our Top Pick Complete Package

nor the Best Budget Package

contains any type of Sauna, they must be purchased separately if desired.

3D.  Information Sources for Home Use Protocols

The Promolife units we received included physical, printed quick-start guides for many different items and procedures.  There are also many good quality videos on the site with key information on how to use the items. 

The videos on the Promolife site currently include:

  • 8 videos on how to choose an Ozone Generator, and how to set them up;
  • 4 videos on how to choose and how to set up oxygen sources for the Ozone generator;
  • 3 videos on choosing and how to set up an Ozone sauna;
  • 4 videos on how to do Ozone insufflations (Ear, Vaginal, Rectal, Sinus);
  • 17 videos on how to set up and use the various accessories.

All of the videos listed above can be found at:

Most questions will be easily answered through these videos, including Ozone gamma intensity settings etc.; they show step-by-step how to set up all the equipment and apply for home use protocols.

For more detail on how to use the Ozone units at home (included Doctor recommended intensity of Ozone “Gamma” settings for different methods and protocols, time duration and frequency of treatments, etc.) it is useful to have a couple of professionally written texts to also refer to for more information.

The easiest ones I have found that cover fundamental methods & equipment settings that the average person would use at home, are both by Frank Shallenberger M.D., a well known practitioner of Medical Ozone Therapy who runs a prominent clinic in Carson City, Nevada.   

I recommend you have both of these books on hand with your Ozone equipment for reference (although there is some overlap in the books, there is also different information in each book and it is best to have both).

The first book is the one which Dr. Shallenberger wrote for the public, The Ozone Miracle which is available both as a physical book and as a downloadable Kindle book; it contains specific protocols in Chapters 5 & 6 of this text.

The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of oxygen to keep you and your family healthy – Paperback

The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of oxygen to keep you and your family healthy – Kindle Version

The second book is the one which Dr. Shallenberger wrote for medical professionals, but which is also useful for the layperson.  This book contains specific protocols in chapters 7 & 8 of the text.  It is only available as a physical book:

Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy: A Practical Guide for Physicians by Frank Shallenberger M.D. 

It should be noted that the two books above are important because they DO provide specifics of protocols, whereas the majority of books on the market about Ozone provide a good overview of the field and possible illnesses that it could be applied to assist, but have NO specifics about the protocols.

One other source of highly specific information about protocols is the important text mentioned earlier, the English version of the key Italian text Ozone: A New Medical Drug by Velio Bocci M.D. (we discussed this book in Part 1, noting that it costs around $200 or more in the U.S., however you can get full access to the book by joining the Ozone without Borders organization as a member )

Chapter six of this book Ozone: A New Medical Drug has technical details of Ozone methodologies useful for physicians, such as the key method of Major Ozone Autohemotherapy (“AHT” in this text, but usually contracted to “MHT” in most English language texts) which is the method of blood purification and pathogen eradication where blood is taken out of the patient, mixed with Ozone, and then reintroduced to the body.  

These kinds of methods are suitable for use by physicians, but are too involved for home use by the average person.

There are however two methods described with technical details in this Chapter Six of Ozone: A New Medical Drug which can be used by the average person at home: 

  • Rectal Insufflation (RI)
  • Quasi-Total Body Exposure to Oxygen-Ozone (BOEX) [Note that this is the Whole Body Bagging method described in section 3C above, using the “Full Body Ozone Bag”.]

The protocol information in these two sections make this book of value to the average home Ozone user.

As a historical side note to help you navigate the literature on Ozone, the author of the Italian text Ozone: A New Medical Drug is Velio Bocci M.D., who mentored the American Frank Shallenberger M.D. in Ozone therapy; Schallenberger then mentored David Brownstein M.D. (and many others) in Ozone therapy.  

David Brownstein M.D. has his own useful text for the public on Ozone therapy, entitled Ozone: The Miracle Therapy.  We recommend adding this to your Ozone book collection, however unlike the above texts by Drs. Bocci and Shallenberger this book by Brownstein doesnot contain specific technical details of protocols.

Second-party sellers of this book on charge inflated prices for it; it is available to purchase directly from Dr. Brownstein’s website for the much lower price of $20.

Another important source of information on using home Medical Ozone units are the articles provided by Robert Rowan M.D. (who we cited multiple times earlier in this report) on his website

Also Dr. Rowan has created his own series of videos, showing how to do multiple types of home Ozone treatments.  These videos are hosted by the Doctors Without Borders non-profit organization (which we discussed in Part 1 of this article.).  To access Dr. Rowan’s instructional videos, go to, scroll down on the Home Page and click on the yellow “Donate” area (I believe the lowest donation to the non-profit to be able to access the videos is $20, however this may change).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Different books give dosages of Ozone therapy in different units of measurement.  

This is one of the barriers to the general public being introduced to home Ozone use, as this can be confusing and seems very technical.  

However you only need to know a couple of things to make measuring amounts of Ozone very simple.

The most common unit of measurement, and the one you will find with the Promolife generators, is “Gamma”.  

So to convert the dosage / intensity level of Ozone given in some of the resources above, into settings you can make on your home Ozone generator, be aware that:

1 gamma is the same as 1 gm/m3 (a technical unit of measurement for Ozone generator output), and is also the same as 1 mcgm/cc (unit of measurement for some medical applications).

1 gamma is also the same as 578 PPM, or .05%.

This conversion information is taken from the text Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy: A Practical Guide for Physicians by Frank Shallenberger M.D.

3E. Non-Medical Ozone Generators & Their Uses

We want to be sure to clarify that “Medical Ozone” units for use on — and in — the human body are very different than the cheap non-Medical Ozone units used for basic water purification or for sanitizing rooms, which are easily found on Amazon or elsewhere.

These cheap sterilization units run off of the ambient air, which is not pure oxygen but a mixture of gases; this means these basic ozone sterilization units do not create pure O3 Ozone, but rather they produce O3 mixed with gases which are not ideal for medical / internal use in the human body.

Also, these non-medical units do not have the same non-toxic components in their construction which are found in good quality Medical Ozone units; this is important because Ozone can quickly degrade most plastics and lower quality materials, so Medical Ozone units must be constructed of higher quality (and higher cost) materials.

If you are only wanting to kill pathogens in relatively low volumes of water, you can use a basic, inexpensive non-medical device made for that purpose.  These can indeed effectively kill pathogens in small amounts of water, however they are also sometimes promoted for ozonating oils to use on the surface of the body (oil holds Ozone in its structure for much longer than water, before the Ozone dissipates); 

however ozonation of oils for topical use is a lengthy process which really requires a pure Medical Ozone generator to create a good product, and we do NOT recommend using this type of non-Medical Ozone generator to ozonate oils.

Usually after pathogens are killed in the water through the Ozone treatment, the water is left for a half-hour or more before drinking to allow the Ozone in the water to dissipate.

With pure Medical Ozone generators, one method to get more oxygen into the system is to ozonate water with pure O3 and drink it soon after it is ozonated (before the Ozone dissipates); cold water holds the Ozone for longer than room temperature or warm water.

Some people who do not want to spend the money for a true, pure Medical Ozone generator, will drink the water from a cheap Ozone water sterilizer (using ambient air, not pure oxygen) for oxygenation effects – however as described above the Ozone is this is not pure, it is mixed with other reactive gases.  

In the 35+ years that I personally have explored Ozone methods, I have at multiple times consumed this type of lower grade Ozone water, and I have found it beneficial; I would personally certainly choose to continue to drink this type of ozonated water if I did not have access to a higher quality Medical Ozone.  

However I strongly recommend purchasing a Medical Ozone generator instead, my experience is that I immediately taste and feel the difference when drinking freshly ozonated water made with medical O3 vs. what is produced by the mixed gases from a cheap Ozone water sterilization machine.

Also Medical Ozone generators come with “Ozone destruct” units, which keep Ozone from entering the air a person breathes – medical grade Ozone can be used in most areas of the body, but not the lungs: it is too strong for the delicate lung tissues, so breathing concentrations of O3 needs to be avoided.  

The cheap water purification Ozone units do not have Ozone destruct units, so they need to be run in areas where people will not be exposed to the Ozone which is released into the air of the room they are in from ozonating the water.

An example of an inexpensive non-Medical Ozone Generator for Water Purification, available on Amazon is below. 

Note: don’t be fooled by the company name below being named “O3 Pure” – this unit does NOT create pure O3, it creates O3 mixed with other reactive gases because it uses ambient air, not pure oxygen from a tank, as a base. 

Also the unit below is promoted as being also an oil ozonator, however for reasons described earlier we do not recommend units of this kind for ozonating oil, only water.  It is effective for killing pathogens in small amounts of water.

Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator Water Oil Ozonator by O3 Pure

Whereas the unit just mentioned is primarily for sterilizing water with Ozone generated from ambient air, other low-cost Ozone units you will find are made not for use on water but specifically for air.  

These commercial Ozone generators are primarily used to sanitize rooms and destroy odors; they are used for example in hotels to neutralize odors from smokers, pets etc. in hotel rooms.

Note that you must seal off rooms where this type of commercial ozonation is taking place, and no one can enter that room during the running of the unit.  These units put out very high concentrations of Ozone into the air, which must not be breathed into the lungs as it is too irritating.  

After the sterilization of the room is complete and the unit is turned off, the room should be left vacant (and preferably opened up to fresh air) to allow the concentrated Ozone in the air to dissipate before people spend time in the room again.

A unit of this kind which we have used and found effective in clearing rooms is the following:

Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator 5000mg/h Ozone Machine Home Air Ionizers Deodorizer for Rooms, Smoke, Cars and Pets, Blue


We at the Vesica Institute hope this research report has been helpful in clarifying multiple experimental uses of Ozone for home health applications, which an increasing number of people are now exploring.

We spent 2 months at the beginning of the current Covid-19 lockdowns researching and compiling the information in this report, as we believe this information is of urgent importance.

We have particularly done our best to clarify and simplify experimental applications for the average person.

This report is based on the statements of qualified medical practitioners who have direct experience in anti-viral and other experimental applications of Ozone Therapy.

Please remember that the methods described herein are not considered standard in mainstream medical practice in the United States, and you are fully responsible for any exploration you choose of these techniques.

We hope you will choose to educate yourself further by using the links and books listed in this report.

The life you save may be your own.


Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. for the Vesica Institute

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