Research Report: Anti-Viral Experimental Ozone Therapy & Resources for Home Use

by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

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We are in a historic time when everyone is urgently concerned with finding solutions to protect their own health, and that of their loved ones, in the midst of the current pandemic.  

This is literally “a matter of life and death”, especially for persons with pre-existing conditions.

One of the most important methods for holistic natural health is oxygen therapies, specifically use of the oxygen donors Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone.  

They offer a wide range of powerful, beneficial applications at a low cost; many progressive medical doctors around the world use these therapies on a daily basis for their clients, despite the suppression of these methods in many countries.

I have researched these therapies for over 35 years, beginning with my time in the early 1980’s as a U.S. Marine Corps instructor in the Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense field.  

We are now using these oxygen therapies for ourselves on a daily basis at the Vesica Institute, and I feel a moral responsibility to share this vital information with everyone to the best of my ability.

I personally believe that oxygen therapies in general, and Medical Ozone methods in particular, are among the most important tools we have to support health, especially during epidemics.  

Unfortunately, most members of the public know very little about Medical Ozone therapy, and are not aware how they can access the exact items needed for home use.

I am convinced that having access to the use of Medical Ozone at home is no longer a luxury— it is an absolute necessity in these times. 

This report is intended to provide the key information needed to know exactly why and how anyone can access Medical Ozone resources for home use.

Medical Ozone methods have been shown in experimental studies and clinical applications (which we will provide links to in this report) to be effective supports against a wide range of viruses and other pathogens, including specifically viruses of the Coronavirus family.

Currently billions of dollars are going to be spent to find and rush into production a vaccine against Covid-19.

There is no mention in the major media or government briefings of the disastrous outcomes of previous times when vaccines were given accelerated timelines and rushed into production, such as the debacle of the Swine Flu vaccination program in the 1970’s which resulted in suspected deaths from the vaccination in addition to many people developing Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) from the vaccine.

There is also relatively little mention in major media of the fact that no effective vaccine has ever been produced for a Coronavirus, which is known for quickly mutating to new forms. Current evidence indicates that persons who have already had Covid-19 lose their immunity very quickly, and can become re-infected.  So even if a vaccine does come to market, it may well not produce any reliable immunity against Covid-19.

It has now been found that the Coronavirus has already mutated from the form it had in the initial outbreak in China, into a new, potentially more virulent form which spread through Europe and then through the world:

Unlike vaccines — which require a 1-to-1 match between the pathogen and the strain given in the vaccine in order to produce effective antibodies — the mechanisms underlying Oxygen therapies and Medical Ozone methods can make them effective even if the organism mutates.  

This is because Medical Ozone methods can destroy the lipid coat of a wide range of viruses, including Corona viruses, Herpes viruses, and many others — whatever form they may mutate into.

This article summarizes our recent research project here at the Vesica Institute, which had the following Goals: 

A. To provide links for a practical knowledge base on Medical Ozone therapy and its experimental use for multiple conditions, including anti-viral research findings.

B. To collect links to recent reports from Medical Doctors in multiple countries on their successful experimental use of Ozone specifically for Covid-19 (which is not being reported on in virtually any mainstream media, because of the suppression of this technology).

C. To identify the best sources of inexpensive, high-quality Medical Ozone equipment in North America, including which units for home use currently have the fastest delivery time and offer the best up-to-date technology, and which specific items are needed for a range of home use protocols.

(Note: every North American manufacturer of Medical Ozone equipment has been slammed with orders since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, with very long wait times from some equipment makers, but much faster and more reliable fulfillment from other suppliers.)

You will find all of the above information in this report, in 3 parts:

Part 1. Essential Links for Ozone Therapy and its Practical Applications

Part 2. Current International Medical Use of Ozone for Covid-19

Part 3. Home Use of Ozone Therapy: What You Need to Know Now


This research report accurately reflects current developments in the international experimental use of Ozone Therapy. 

The author is not a Medical Doctor, and we do not diagnose nor treat any illness at the Vesica Institute.  This research report is not Medical advice, it is for information purposes only.

Ozone therapies described herein are not considered “Standard of Care” by Allopathic Medical Authorities in the United States.  Their use is therefore considered experimental.

Contents of this article are for information only, and readers are responsible for the choices they make regarding any experimentation with the methods described herein.

For persons seeking medical advice, please contact the Medical Doctors who have experience with Ozone therapy through the links provided.

Please do not contact the Vesica Institute for recommendations, we are a research institute and do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment.


Read the entire article in PDF format:
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