Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the study of all the hidden patterns which create our world. It reveals the powerful “geometric coding system” which Spirit uses to manifest all Life and Consciousness.

Taught by every major spiritual tradition to their own Initiates for thousands of years, these same patterns of Sacred Geometry are now the foundation of modern breakthroughs in science and technology.

The Vesica Trainings in Sacred Geometry are taught as a Spiritual and Energetic Science, and are quite different in content than any other Sacred Geometry materials currently available.

We have sold out of our earlier packaged Box DVD sets of a recorded Sacred Geometry weekend seminar taught by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert.

We are now selling the remaining DVD sets (5 DVDs + 1 CD) just as the 6 Disks in Jewel Cases (no presentation box or other materials) for only $99 until we run out of stock.

This is a great deal, $200 less than the original price for the Presentation Box Set!

Order Now - once these final DVD sets are gone, they will not be reprinted.

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