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euphorolite a

We recently came into contact with the owner of a mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  This is a sacred power spot of the Cheyenne and Lakota who consider the area the Axis Mundi, the Sacred Center of the World.  There are ancient mineral deposits in this area which have been dated as up to 2.8 billion years old.

The mine has a remarkable internal structure, shown in this handdrawn map.  It has the structure of a natural battery, with powerful conduction of energy through the deposit.

euphorolite 1An extremely high Lithium form of Lepidolite is sandwiched between deposits of Blue Tourmaline, which is itself embedded both in Quartz and in Mica. There are also many other minerals and metals integrated into the alchemical blend of these stones, including Silver and Gold.

When these stones first became available, multiple users reported profound energetic experiences with them; this has led to the stones from this mine being named "Euphoralite".

The mine owner digs these stones himself, in addition to cutting and polishing them.
The owner reports that tests showed the generation of high levels of negative ions when the Blue Tourmaline in Quartz was put close to the High Lithium Lepidolite, and increased much further when these stones from the mine were placed in running water and tested. He also reported that the generation of negative ions was even higher still, when the Blue Tourmaline in Mica was used next to the High Lithium Lepidolite.

euphorolite 2

This has given rise to the use of Euphoralite in rooms and buildings, to generate a powerful energy field over an area. 

It has also given rise to people holding the High Lithium Purple Lepidolite in one hand and the Blue Tourmaline in Quartz (or for even more intense energy, hold the Blue Tourmaline in Mica) in the other hand, feeling the energy flow between the two stones running through the body, activating and balancing their energy field.

The Vesica Institute has conducted its own vibrational research, to test this combination of the mine's High Lithium Lepidolite with the Blue Tourmaline in Quartz or Mica.  We found that when these stones are used together they not only greatly strengthen a person's energy field, they also generate an unusually high level of Centering Vibration between the stones.

Only a small amount of these stones is being produced by this mine.

We were able to procure a small number of the stones to make available through the Vesica Institute, of the following varieties of Euphoralite:

  • High Lithium, Deep Purple Lepidolite.
  • Lithium Lepidolite of a Lilac color, in a matrix of many different materials.
  • Blue Tourmaline in Quartz and a matrix of dozens of other elements including Silver and Gold; the owner refers to this as "Snowball".
  • Blue Tourmaline in Mica; this has a tremendous vibrational charge, and many people feel their hair stand on end when they hold it, or when it is passed over their arm.  The owner refers to it as "High Voltage".
  • A Red complex mineral matrix, most of which has been purchased by a group from Asia who refer to it as the "Red Dragon".

The stones are cut in the forms of Pieces, Standing Pillars, Massage Wands, and on rare occasions as Spheres.

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