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Amethyst, Sunburst, Polished Standing Stones, Morocco

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Moroccan "Sunburst" Amethyst has only recently come to the attention of the metaphysical stone world, for its unique Amethyst powers. 

It is sometimes characterized as a Chevron Amethyst, and it does often show Chevron-like markings; however some pieces don't have clear Chevron markings, and the distinctive aspect of this stone is actually the "Sunburst" pattern which is the more significant visible imprint of its Etheric Formative Forces. 

We have just begun to do research with this stone at the Vesica Institute, however it has shown itself to have surprisingly powerful energies, especially for the Mental plane.  

* Very Strong for correcting Mental subplanes, and is even stronger when combined with Phenakite. 

* The "Sunburst" pattern is connected to a highly dynamic, expansive wave of Amethyst energy coming from this stone. 

* This stone has strong intensity of the "Yin" side of the spectrum: Blue, Indigo, Violet, Ultra-Violet, and White bands. 
Energetically it appears to use the alchemical transmutative power which we have previously identified coming from the union of the Indigo and Violet Bands, to move into the Ultraviolet and White Light Band Vibrations. 
Its intensity of White Band (white light) is stronger than the majority of other types of Amethyst we have tested. 

* It has a small amount of Centering Vibration throughout its matrix, which expands into strong Centering Vibration around the White "Sunburst" pattern on the stone. 

* Its resonance is very powerful with the Mental plane, going into the Causal, Spiritual and Divine planes. It is a stone of Higher Plane alchemical transmutations within the human consciousness field.

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