BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop 1 Review


For Returning Applied Skills Workshop Students Only.

May 12-15, 2019 in Asheville, North Carolina

a 4 Day Workshop with Sayed Karim

This special event with Sayed Karim is for BG Advanced Training Graduates who will not be staying for the BG-EHS Licensed Independent Associate-Practitioner Training.

Students must provide their instructor's name, location of training, and date of completion of their BG Advanced Training to be accepted into this course.

Sayed is the Developer & Director of the BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions Program, and he is the son of BioGeometry Founder, Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Sayed is one of the world's most skilled and experienced BioGeometrists. His tremendous knowledge, decades of practical applications, and penetrating perception of environmental energy-quality patterns (including what is needed for enhanced BG3 centering and environmental energy-quality balancing) makes him a rare resource for new and profound insights.

Sayed only teaches small groups, to ensure personalized instruction and a focus on hands-on practices at his events.  Only 24 students maximum will be accepted into this four-day workshop.

This 4-day workshop builds on the BioGeometry Energy-Quality Measurement (BG-EQM) and BioGeometry Energy-Quality Balancing (BG3-EQB) skills acquired at the BioGeometry Foundation (FT) and Advanced (AT) classes, and introduces students to advanced techniques that enable them to apply those skills with increased accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Using the BG-EHS framework, along with specific movement / footwork techniques, students will also learn how to efficiently and safely map Earth gridlines, as well as learn how to identify and best utilize the environmental BG3 centers (power-spots) within a home, for increased BG3 environmental harmonization, using a spectrum of BG3 Centers’ solutions to fit any size home.

This workshop is a personal development class, and does not license students for any commercial BioGeometry / BG-EHS work.

In order to make these events open to more students, Sayed has kindly agreed that he will teach the four days of this remarkable workshop twice during his time in Asheville.

The May 12-15 BG-EHS Workshop is only for those students who want to do the workshop but will not be continuing into the independent associate-practitioner licensing training at this time.

Brand new home balancing techniques developed by Sayed Karim will be introduced for the first time in the USA at this workshop, including the new 3 x 3 BG3 Centers Solution.

The May 17-20 BG-EHS Workshop is only for those students who will be continuing into the independent associate-practitioner licensing training. This 4-day BG-EHS workshop will be followed by a BG-EHS Licensed Independent Associate-Practitioner Training, held May 21-24th, click here to view more about this training course.

Again, only 24 students will be registered for each set of four-day trainings, so register asap to secure a space!

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