The EVER Pendant: A New Vibrational Tool for Strengthening the Human Energy Field


What is the EVER Pendant?

The name stands for Experimental Vibrational Energy Research (EVER) Pendant.

It is the product of years of research based on creating a vibrational pattern which greatly amplifies the dynamic protective energy field around a person’s body.  This protective energy field is known to every classical tradition; for example it is referred to as the “Wei Chi” (Defensive / Protective Energy) field in Daoist Chinese Medicine.

The EVER pendant is a joint development project between the Vesica Institute in North Carolina and Dimensional Design Corp. in Chicago.  These two groups collaborated on key research with physical manufacturing of the pendant being done by Dimensional Design.

Over $10,000 was invested in the development of the EVER Pendant, with a wide range of rare physical materials and vibrational patterns being evaluated.

What Kind of Research Went into Developing the EVER Pendant?

A wide range of experimental vibrational testing went into the development of the Pendant, based on the testing methods we teach in the online training series Vibrational Testing & Healing. 

This extensive vibrational testing included the exact physical materials and energy fields which may be of optimal support in the following areas:

* Overall strengthening of the human protective energy field.

* Effects of EMF and especially 5G exposures on the overall human energy field (& specific functional areas in the field).

* Effects of Viral and Bacterial sources, including Covid-19 and its ongoing mutations.

* Balancing of Mental and Emotional functions in the midst of high stress situations.

* Combining Physical and Vibrational sources together, to create the optimal spread of vibrational effects across all Planes levels (Physical, Etheric, Emotional/Mental, and higher spiritual planes).

What Vibrational Patterns and Physical Materials are included in the EVER Pendant?

* High Quality Phenakite Crystal from Burma (the rare source of the top gem grade Phenakite). In the Vibrational Science of Stones, Phenakite is understood to be the literal crystallization of “Divine White Light”.

* Vibrational pattern of Phenakite added to further spread the energy of the physical Phenakite through multiple plane levels.

* Inner sealed vial containing a precisely formulated blend of multiple alchemically prepared liquids.  This blend of alchemical physical liquids creates a strong beneficial energy field, which is increased further by the vial containing the liquids also being infused with an additional vibrational pattern to increase its energetic broadcast power.

* Vibrational pattern of the physical alchemical liquids in the internal vial, added to increase the spread of its energy throughout multiple plane levels.

* Titanium outer pendant body, extremely strong and durable.  This titanium outer body is also infused with a vibrational pattern to increase its energetic broadcast power.

* Infusion of a Grounding Vibration, including the power of the vibrational field of Hematite, to help the vibrations of the Pendant to penetrate more deeply into the physical level.

* A universal balancing pattern that centers the emotional level, to better cope with high stress situations which tend to make people reactive and act out inappropriately.  We found this pattern was badly needed in the midst of current difficult conditions in people’s lives.

* Vibrational pattern of Light emission to further broadcast the energy of the pendant.

* Vibrational pattern of a key nutrient.

* Vibrational pattern which experimentally inverts / cancels (180 degree inversion, such as used in noise cancellation technology) the wave pattern of certain pathogens.

What is the difference between the Regular and Extra Large sizes of the Pendants?

The materials and energy field qualities are exactly the same between the two.

However there is a larger amount of the materials in the Extra Large version, with a larger and stronger energy field being created by the Extra Large version.

The Extra Large version is also larger and heavier.

There are more of the Regular size Pendants available than Extra Large Pendants (of which we have a relatively low number available, as it takes more material to make them, and we were only able to acquire limited number of the larger titanium outer pendants).

We have had reports from initial users that people with certain issues (or who develop certain issues) vibrationally test for being benefited from using the larger version with its stronger field, whereas other persons without immediate issues report testing fine for the regular size pendant.

Are these Pendants mass-produced by machines?

No! Each pendant requires painstaking hand-assembly with many different steps to complete its vibrational infusions and add the physical materials. Only the outer Titanium shell and inner vial are mass produced, and these also receive multiple infusions/modifications.

Does this Product claim to Treat or Prevent any Illness?

As stated in the name, this is purely an EXPERIMENTAL pendant based on Vibrational Energy Research.
We do not claim that it treats or prevents any illness.
We are making it available purely for individuals to have their own experience and to do their own vibrational research with this experimental pendant.

How long will these Pendants be available?

That is difficult to predict.  There is a relatively low number of these pendants, and many of the materials used in their manufacture are difficult to acquire to make further runs of these pendants.  We will do our best to make them available until we run out of the limited supplies needed to create them.


We wanted the EVER Pendant to not only be used for wearing on the body, but also to be able to have its beneficial energy qualities be broadcast into any location when it is not being worn.

The core item to be able to broadcast this item’s energy field further into a location is the Broadcast Plate created by Dimensional Design.
Simply place this Broadcast Plate in the area where you want the energy field of the Pendant to spread, and place the Pendant standing up vertically (on its flat base) on the silvery square in the middle of the Broadcast Plate.

To broadcast this Pendant (or any other vibrational source) even more powerfully into the location, Dimensional Design created the Tripod Broadcaster.

This Tripod is placed on the center of the Broadcast Plate; the Tripod itself is topped with an additional Broadcast pattern, which further Broadcasts any pattern placed on it.

This Tripod Broadcaster not only can be used to Broadcast the Pendant (or other source) more powerfully into a location, it was also designed to be able to add additional highly beneficial vibrations into the broadcast, through placing one or more of the Vibrational Insert Tubes (which are used with the Eco-Laser, and can also be worn separately in a Broadcast Pendant) onto the legs of the Tripod.

This gives two uses of the Tripod Broadcaster:

Basic Method:
Place the Tripod so that its three legs rest on the silver square in the center of the Broadcast Plate.  Then add the Pendant (or any other desired vibrational source which fits) to the top of the Tripod, which is on top of the Broadcast Plate.
We offer a kit for this function. You can purchase the full Ever Pendant with Broadcast Tripod and Plate Kit.

Method to add Additional Beneficial Vibrations to the Area Broadcast:
Place the Tripod onto the silver square in the center of the Broadcast Plate, as in the Basic Method.
Then place onto each of the three legs of the Tripod a vibrational insert tube, which will fit easily onto each leg.  This will then add the vibrational qualities of each insert tube to the vibrational broadcast of whatever is placed on the top of the Tripod, whether it is the EVER Pendant or something else.

Any of the Vibrational Insert Tubes may be used on the Tripod legs to add to the broadcast.

We often use the 144 Insert Tube set (the composite 144 Beneficial Sub-Bands of the Vibrational Spectrum, and the composite Antidotes to the 144 Detrimental Sub-Bands of the Vibrational Spectrum) along with the Regen Insert Tube as the three inserts on the Tripod legs, however other insert tubes may be chosen based on the vibrations you are wanting to add to the broadcast.

144 Vibrational Spectrum Set (1 insert with the composite of the 144 Horizontal Waves / Beneficial Sub-Bands, 1 insert with the composite of the Antidotes to the 144 Vertical Waves / Detrimental Sub-Bands). $144

Regen Insert (combines the “Clear and Restore” pattern to clear detrimental information from an energy field and restore the original vibrational pattern, with the “Vital Cell” pattern to experimentally resonate beneficially with the Cell Membrane and Nucleus).  $72

Silver Insert: Vibrational pattern of the metal Silver, for experimental use against pathogens as well as detrimental non-physical forces. $72

64 Minerals Insert: Vibrational patterns of 64 different minerals (the same 64 minerals as are listed in the book Minerals for the Genetic Code). $72

Protection Insert: An insert developed by Dimensional Design for experimental use against strong non-physical detrimental forces. $72


We have developed the insert tubes so that they have three potential applications:

1. PROJECTION THROUGH LASER LIGHT: The inserts were first developed to go into the Eco-Laser, which is a laser pointer that has been modified to use for experimental vibrational clearing of items.  By adding the inserts into the front of the Eco-Laser it adds the vibrational information of that insert to the already existing vibrations intrinsic to the Eco-Laser.

2.  WORN ON THE BODY: Each insert can be worn on the body to get their vibration into a person’s energy field, by putting it into a Transend Broadcast Capsule.  The Capsule has been vibrationally imprinted to strongly broadcast the energy quality of any item put within it, and can be worn on a chain or cord.  The inserts fit perfectly into the Transend Broadcast Capsule or any other item which fits can be put into the Capsule to be broadcast into the wearer’s field (small gems, supplements, herbs, etc.)

3. BROADCAST INTO ANY ROOM OR LOCATION: This method was described above, with putting the insert onto a leg of the Broadcast Tripod as part of the components for the full broadcast system (which can be used to broadcast the EVER pendant or any other item which fits on top of the Tripod).
We offer a kit for this function. You can purchase the full Ever Pendant with Broadcast Tripod and Plate Kit.

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