Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations

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Learn the Secrets of Physical Regeneration
from the Leading Researcher in the Field:
Dr. Jerry Tennant

We were delighted to welcome Dr. Jerry Tennant, one of the foremost researchers in energetic healing in the world today and the author of the Healing is Voltage series of texts, to our online Waves of Health and Illness conference!

Dr. Tennant’s original research has uncovered the true energetic and biochemical foundations of cellular regeneration, with powerful, easy applications for both home and clinical use.

How do we know it works?
Because in his 50’s, Dr. Tennant was sent home to die with an “incurable” illness. 
Dr. Tennant healed himself with the same techniques he now teaches in Voltage Healing – and he just celebrated his 80th birthday!

Below we provide details on Dr. Tennant’s 4 information-packed presentations coming up at the online conference, and also provide a link to some of the key tools and nutrients which Dr. Tennant uses in his cellular regeneration / Voltage Healing protocols.




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Restoring Cellular Voltage & Electron Flow
for Physical Healing & Regeneration

 Presentation #1


Screen Shot 2020 07 08 at 11.57.22 AM Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

  • When you make one cell work then all can work; same hardware, different software
  • Cellular Voltage: The difference between peak performance and death
  • Role of voltage in stem cell function and recovery from chronic disease
  • Using the BioTransducer™ and BioModulator™ units at home to correct the umbilicus scar from when the umbilical cord is severed at birth
  • How scars can drain energy
  • The importance of understanding dental Infections: how one root canal can shut down 63% of the human immune system



Oxygen & Ozone therapies: Energetic & BioChemical Foundations for Health Recovery
Presentation #2

  • Why is the carbonic acid buffering system so critical to our health?
  • Learn what dictates how much oxygen is in a cell
  • How oxygen levels effect cancer
  • Understanding the relationship of hemoglobin and voltage in delivering oxygen to cells
  • Bicarbonate and why it is as important as oxygen in creating health
  • Ozone: clearing the misconceptions and discovering its superpower
  • The Bohr Effect and how it allows your body to adapt to changing conditions


Latest Techniques in Voltage Healing:
Controlling Cancer’s “On-Off Switch”

Presentation #3

  • Explore the research and theories that have led to the current approach to cancer
  • Understand the difference between “Absolute Risk” and “Relative Risk” and how it is used to falsely inflate the effects of current drugs
  • Discover how cancer is able to put the immune system to sleep
  • Why avoiding sugar and carbs with cancer may not be the best choice
  • Learn how the human placenta and cancer are related
  • What underlying condition is present in over 90% of malignancies
  • The critical role of voltage in cancer
  • Understand the “On Switch” for a stem cell to convert to a cancer cell
  • Dr. Tennant’s theory of Cancer and how to apply it to your health
  • Learn important keys to help protect your body from cancer



A New Breakthrough in Understanding the Healing Powers of Scalar & Electromagnetic Waves

Presentation #4

In this newly created presentation, Dr. Tennant shares his latest amazing discovery: the true nature of Scalar Waves, Subtle Energies, and Electro-Magnetic Fields, and how these can be harnessed for accelerated healing processes.



Dr. Tennant has done his best to make many of his new tools, methods, and nutrients which he uses in his private health clinic available for home use.

We at the Vesica Institute have been honored to collaborate with Dr. Tennant in the last few years, including exploring the use of his key products and methods.

We have selected what we have found are some of the most essential items for Dr. Tennant’s breakthrough healing method. 

We asked the Synergy company (which distributes Dr. Tennant’s tools) to construct a special order page for Summer Conference attendees, which focuses on the specific list of items we provided so they can be easily found. 

(This includes items which Dr. Tennant describes and demonstrates in some of his presentations at this year’s conference.)

Click the Link below, to go straight to the page Dr. Tennant’s group constructed for us:

Below we show some essential items for Dr. Tennant’s practical healing protocols, with notes regarding why they are so important.

BioTransducer Pro Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The BioTransducer Pro is the key item in Dr. Tennant’s harnessing of scalar waves, based on his own design to develop further the Russian Scenar technology which he studied, used and taught for many years.  This latest version of the BioTransducer offers a major increase in power over previous generations. 
Extremely simple and easy to use, this device performs a key function: correcting polarity in the “energy batteries” in the human body which control body voltage and cellular regeneration, as well as in our experience having a powerful recharging effect.

BioModulator Pro Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

BioModulator Plus Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The BioModulator uses electromagnetic waves for restoring the correct voltage in the body.
The Pro Version has the greatest number of different frequency settings.
The Plus Version offers the most important settings, which are used most often for practical application, at a sizeable savings for those on a budget.

The BioModulator can be used alone, or with the BioTransducer in a complete protocol.

Also the BioModulator and the BioTransducer do come packaged in sets:

The Ruby Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

A good package with the key tools assembled together, the Ruby Package includes:

  • 1 Tennant BioModulator® Plus (base model – 4 modes)
  • 1 Tennant BioTransducer® Pro with Free Wire/Charger/Battery
  • 1 Hand Grip/Foot Plate Bundle with Wire Discount
  • 1 Y Electrode with Free Wire
  • 1 Large Black Case
  • 1 Pendulum
  • 1 QuickStart Reference Guide & DVD’s
  • 1 Polarity Reference Card
  • 1 Healing is Voltage 3rd Edition Book & 
  • 2 Integrative Health Conference Course Tickets for Education Theory course, (not Education Application Course)

Restore Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Restore is a completely unique blend of the vast majority of materials that your cells need for regeneration.  The human body has been shown in clinical studies to need these materials to make cellular regeneration possible.

This professional formula is very different from any other nutritional powder on the market; it includes very high-quality forms of many key nutrients, which in the vast majority of commercial powders are either cheap synthetics to save money, or are missing altogether in the formula. 

The Restore powder replaces the taking of many different bottles of supplements, which used to be the only way to access this essential combination of nutrients; this is not only faster and easier than keeping up with so many different supplements each day, it is also far less expensive.

The Restore formula is based on many years of research at the Tennant Institute.

Fulvic Voltage Healing: 4 Amazing Presentations Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Dr. Tennant’s Fulvic Acid is far more concentrated and powerful than most commercial Fulvic Acid products, which Dr. Tennant found was needed in order to attain powerful results in cellular regeneration.  This Fulvic Acid supplement is one of the strongest Electron Donors known, and tremendously assists the regeneration process.


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