Waves of Health and Illness: Creating a Core Paradigm Shift in Healing

Vesica Institute Online Summer Conference & Virtual Summit

Streaming Online: July 17 – 26, 2020

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Hello Friends,

We are delighted to announce that our Vesica Institute Summer Conference 2020 will now be fully online, allowing our friends all over the world to experience this important event!

Our topic for this conference focuses on a key challenge highlighted by the current world crisis: creating a core paradigm shift in healing.

Our presenters have all been chosen for their unique knowledge and practical methods for tapping into the vibrational matrix: the true source of life, health, and all physical structure.

After 9 days of remarkable presentations, on our 10th and final day we will live stream to attendees around the world the coming together of our presenters in a “Virtual Summit” to unite their unique contributions into a powerful synthesis, to help manifest the “critical mass” needed for this paradigm shift in healing.


This online Conference and Summit brings together leaders in developing the foundations for a modern healing science based on Waves of Health and Illness. 

The title of this year’s conference is taken from the remarkable (and tragically almost forgotten) discoveries of French vibrational researchers in the first half of the 1900’s, which culminated in their identification of the full spectrum of beneficial and harmful invisible waves which manifest health and illness (the “Universal Vibrational Spectrum”.)

Their discoveries created a foundation to correct a major oversight in modern medicine:

Physics has now come to accept the duality of Wave and Particle, understanding that the dynamic energy field of the Wave creates effects in the physical world, not just the physical Particle.

In Physics the particle is understood to manifest from the “collapse of the wave”; in other words, by changing the wave vibration we change the state of the physical form/particle which it manifests, as is made visible in the field of Cymatics.

Modern Medicine however only considers the physical particle — the Virus, Bacteria, and other physical pathogens — while ignoring the Wave.
The Wave and its Vibrational Matrix include key aspects of “Biological Landscape”, Environmental Factors, and Energetic Fields which shape — and in many cases, determine — whether a microorganism will be lethal or harmless in a given location or individual body.

This conference will unite the ancient knowledge of energy fields and vibrational qualities known to healing traditions around the world, with modern knowledge of
* Electro-Magnetic Fields,
* Energy Medicine,
* Direct mapping and imaging of vibrational fields themselves,
* Applying specific qualities of wave fields for healing and energetic balancing, and much more.


We have assembled an outstanding group of presenters for this Conference & Summit, truly our “dream team” of key researchers contributing to this current paradigm shift.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim
Professor Gabriel Kelemen

These presenters include important pioneers who in recent years have rarely spoken internationally or in online presentations, including our Keynote Speaker Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt (founder of BioGeometry) and Professor Gabriel Kelemen from Romania (an amazing researcher who has mapped key dynamic energy flows behind the creation of physical life and form).

We are proud to now announce our list of Presenters and Topics:

Friday July 17:

Waves of Health & Illness: Key Discoveries & Practical Healing Applications

Introduction to the Conference & an Illustrated Overview of Rare Information with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D., Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies.

Saturday July 18:

Visual Demonstrations of Wave Phenomena:Understanding Environmental Sound, EMF, and Scalar Waves

With Greg Ilg BSCS/EE, electrical engineer and energy researcher, multiple patent-holder in communications and author of national publications for embedded system design.

Sunday July 19:

Visualizing the Hidden Dynamic Waves which create all Life & Physical Forms: Universal Principles of Creation with Sphere, Vortex, Torus and New Patterns Beyond

With Gabriel Kelemen from Romania, Professor at West University of Timişoara and author of The Universal Sphere-Vortex Principle: Sound Visualization in Liquids and the Nature of Forms and Hermeneutics of Genesis.

Monday July 20:

Making the Invisible Visible: Breakthrough Health Imaging Technology with the CymaScope

With John Stuart Reid from England, Acoustic Physics Researcher and Inventor, author of Egyptian Sonics.

Directing the Power of the Mind and Intent in “Miraculous” Medical Recoveries

With Annaliese Reid from England.

Tuesday July 21:

Latest Cymatics Therapy Discoveries: The Suprahuman Sound Experience™ — Sustaining Health in the New World

With Mandara Cromwell, Inventor of the AMI 750 Sound Therapy technology and CEO of CymaTech in Augusta, Georgia, author of SoundFlower: The Journey to Marry Science and Spirit.

Wednesday July 22:

Presentation 1:

Restoring Cellular Voltage and Electron Flow for Physical Healing & Regeneration

With Jerry Tennant M.D., MD(H), PSc.D, author of Healing is Voltage and Director of the Tennant Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Presentation 2:

Oxygen & Ozone Therapies: Energetic & BioChemical Foundations for Health Recovery

With Jerry Tennant M.D., MD(H), PSc.D

Thursday July 23:

Presentation 1:

Latest Techniques in Voltage Healing: Controlling Cancer’s “On-Off Switch”

With Jerry Tennant M.D., MD(H), PSc.D, author of Healing is Voltage and Director of the Tennant Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Presentation 2:

A New Breakthrough in Understanding the Healing Powers of Scalar &  Electromagnetic Waves

With Jerry Tennant M.D., MD(H), PSc.D

Friday July 24:

Presentation 1:

Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing: A New Mapping of the Entire Field including Evidence, Practice, & Future Directions

Presented by Sponsors of the Subtle Energy Mapping Project Team: 

Jason Yotopoulos: CEO of the Emerald Gate Foundation in Silicon Valley CA.

David Leibsohn: Program Director, Funding Collective, Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing.

Presentation 2:

Summary of Key Points from Conference Presentations for Creating Wave-Based Health

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D., Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies.

Saturday July 25:


BioGeometry, the Science of Balancing Living Systems:
A Special Presentation with the First Public Release of Deeper Solutions & Principles

With Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt, Founder of BioGeometry™ & Author of Back to a Future for Mankind.

Sunday July 26:

Live Streaming Round Table Discussion with Summit Presenters

Facilitated by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.


Save $100 with Early Registration Discount:

Sign up for the Online Conference by June 30, 2020 for only $299.

$399 regular registration starting July 1, 2020.


Our conference will start on Friday July 17 2020, with new presentations every day leading up to our Keynote Address on Saturday, July 25.
Our live streaming Virtual Summit with the Presenters uniting their knowledge & methods will be on our final day, Sunday July 26.

There will be up to four hours total time each day of a new major presentation followed by the presenter answering participant’s questions through live streaming. 

Why are we giving up to four hours a day to many of our presenters, rather than the short slots of an hour or less per speaker found at many conferences?
Because this conference is dedicated to giving these important researchers the time they need to really dive deep into their unique discoveries, including in some cases discussing material they have never spoken publicly about before.

The sequence of presenters on each day of the conference has been chosen to lead naturally from one topic to the next, in order to provide a coherent unified picture of keys to a new healing science of Waves.
This will then culminate in our “Virtual Summit”, a final live-streaming round table discussion of our conference presenters, to unify the knowledge of each presenter into a major advancement in this potentially life-saving field.


Every day of the Conference we will have new Presentations, followed by a Live Streaming Question and Answer session with the Presenter, for a total of up to four hours of new content each day.

The daily Presentation (with live streaming Q & A afterwards with the Presenter) will begin at 10 a.m. and conclude by 2 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) each day.

There will be a replay of that day’s presentation and afternoon Q & A session every evening from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT, to give participants more opportunities to watch each days’ event.

This offering of two viewing slots for the presentations each day is also to allow attendees from all over the world to have a time that works in their local time zone to watch the events.


Q: Will the conference presentations be available for viewing after the end of the conference?

A: At this time we are only guaranteeing the streaming on the days of the presentations during the conference. 
Depending on how well the streaming service provider captures the presentations and a number of other factors, we will determine after the event if or how the presentations may be made available to purchase for streaming after the conference.

If we do make the conference presentations available for purchase to stream after the end of the conference, everyone who is registered for the actual conference on the original streaming dates will in that case receive free streaming access to the presentations for a one year period. 
However this access to presentations after the conference ends is not guaranteed, only the access during the conference itself.

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