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Resources Discussed at the Vesica Summer Conference 2019
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Santa Cruz Lights Rotating Programable Stand Base for Crystals Glass Art

This inexpensive base for Crystals and Broadcasters is better quality, and has more functions, than most  similarly priced models.
It combines both clockwise rotation function (which can significantly increase the dynamic emanation power of Crystals or Broadcasters) with color LED’s (which can either cycle through four colors, or be placed on any of the four colors White, Red, Blue, Green.)

The light can be used with or without rotation being added in.

This unit has an AC plug, whereas many of the other models in this price range have only a battery compartment, requiring frequent battery replacement; the AC plug is much more convenient.  

Of course, as always with electronic equipment a vibrational balancing form needs to be applied to the power input of the device to harmonize the EMF going into it.
Perhaps because of it having an AC plug rather than a battery, this unit appeared in our testing to have a stronger ability to rotate slightly heavier Crystals / Broadcasters than other similar units on the market. However with any small base of this kind, heavy loads can lead to straining of the motor.

The light from this unit does a very good job of lighting up the central Quartz rod in the Broadcaster, and adding in the clockwise rotation function creates additional power in the broadcast.
This unit can be placed underneath a Broadcaster which has a short 6” central Quartz rod, or can be placed underneath the cedar base which stabilizes the longer 9.5“ central Quartz rod to get light through the entire unit




Strobe Lights,SAHAUHY 2019 35W 180 LEDs Super Bright Flash Stage Lighting with Remote Control(Black 2)

This light is the one demonstrated at the Vesica 2019 conference for creating variable speed pulsation of light, with a variety of selectable colors, to illuminate and pulse the central quartz rod in the crystal broadcaster.
It is simple to use, and quite inexpensive.

For this use, the surface of this strobe light should be covered up with an opaque material on three sides, leaving a small area of light on the fourth side free for the bottom hemisphere of the broadcaster on (for short quartz rod arrays) or underneath the cedar base (for long quartz rod arrays); covering the light on these three sides allows you to illuminate and pulse the quartz rod without having any distracting strobe light coming out from under the sides of the broadcaster unit.
The pulsation frequency of this light can be set to where it creates a very strong increase in the Centering Vibration broadcast from the unit; however we have found in our research at the Vesica Institute that the exact frequency (pulse rate) to get optimal Centering Vibration increase is DIFFERENT for each of the colors which can be selected for this unit. So this means that direct vibrational testing is necessary while adjusting the speed control on this unit to find the exact optimal pulse rate which will greatly increase the Centering Vibration coming from the Quartz Rod (and the entire broadcast unit) into the room it is in.




SGROW 24W Red Led Light Red 660nm and Near Infrared 850nm Led Light Therapy Bulbs for Skin and Pain Relief

This is a very effective Red / Near Infrared light to use to experiment with Red Light therapy.  It is a fraction of the cost of many bulbs or units sold specifically for therapeutic use.  
* The Red component is at 630 nm, which is used in many Red Light Therapy units.
* The Near Infrared component of this bulb is at 850 nm, which is before the intense heating effects within the Infrared band begin. That heating effect of higher nm IR bulbs could possibly bring in problematic aspects if using the unit on sensitive centers such as glands, genitals, energy centers, etc.. This unit does not generate significant heat.
* See the book RED LIGHT THERAPY, or a host of internet resources, on this topic for summaries of the health effects of this type of light on the body.




LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp, Architect Swing Arm Standing Lamp with Heavy Metal Based, Adjustable Head Reading Light for Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room and Office

The SGROW Red/ Near Infrared light (listed previously) needs to be used in a standard bulb socket, and optimally will be used in a lamp that is easy to adjust to any height in order to target different areas of the body without having to hold the light.
This highly adjustable standing lamp has been excellent for using with the Red Light therapy, in our research at the Vesica Institute.




NICREW RGB LED Aquarium Light, Dimmable Fish Tank Light with Remote, 20 to 24-Inch, 14 Watts

Although made as an aquarium top, this is a very inexpensive long array of selectable color LEDs which can be used for larger areas of the body (literally a 10th of the price of some other units of similar size which are sold for therapeutic use.)
The particular strength of this unit is the number of different options for Turquoise color – 4 different varieties / depths of turquoise color are available, which is extremely important given that in Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome system he found that Turquoise is the “Master Skin Rebuilder”.
As with all electronic units, a vibrational correction needs to be put on the power of the unit




7 Colors Light Electric Photon LED Mask Electric Facial Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Face Care Anti-Age

This is a Korean face mask which gives facials using a variety of different color lights.
The promotions for this device, and user responses, include the following details about the colors (the English used in the original text is only partly corrected below):

“1. Red light wavelength of 630mm: Whitening spot, tender skin and anti-wrinkle, repair damaged skin, smooth the fine wrinkles, shrink pores, hyperplasia of collagen.
2. Blue light of 415mm has the effect of rapid inhibition of inflammation involved in the process of the formation of acne; with no damage to the skin, it can efficiently destroy the bacteria which creates acne and reduces inflammation, resulting in a significant reduction of acne in a short span of time. [Note: some user reviews support the anti-acne claim.]
3. Green-Blue light [Turquoise] (525-550mm): Green-Blue Light can enhance cell energy, and has positive effects on the metabolism.
4. Purple light: It is red and blue dual-band light, combining two kinds of physiotherapy effect; in the treatment of acne and acne marks it has especially good repair effect.
5. Yellow light: Adds energy to skin cells, promotes gland functions, assists digestion, treatment of skin diseases, enhance the immune function.”

One reviewer wrote the following regarding their experiences using this Korean light facial mask:
“My blood sugars were running too high for several years. I started getting cystic acne which got painful and wasn’t looking so great and I was embarrassed a lot. My blood sugar are well under control now, but there seems to be slow healing. Diabetics hit a point where non-healing skin can be dangerous. I’ve avoided the real serious stuff but there is stuff that is lingering.
I figured a multicolor mask could let me experiment to see if what I read was helpful. I bought this on the price and about a month in using this mask, it has been noticeable.

Red light seems to heal spots on my face that wouldn’t heal. My skin is oily and I think all that sugar from high blood sugars maybe damaged my pores. Sweat is one way to get rid of excess sugar. The pores on my nose and cheeks are getting really nice. They are shrinking and my face is closer to healed than it’s been in about 5 years.
Blue has just killed most any new acne. That few that have come up are gone quick and not painful or as noticeable. It’s been a huge confidence boost.
Red and blue/green have helped with the other painful skin issue. Eczema on my right hand. I’ve had to get steroid shots to deal with the inflammation. Blue light is supposed to help with eczema and I won’t argue with anyone who says so. My hands feel calm and they aren’t dry anymore and they are healing the hard patches of skin to new skin.”




John Timberland 3-Bowl Ceramic Blue Cobalt 26 3/4" High LED Fountain

After evaluating a large number of water fountains on the market, we found that this is the best one in this price range to use for creating strong broadcasts of stones placed in the water.
* The unit is made of an attractive ceramic, instead of the plastic looking fiberglass that many similarly priced fountains are made of.
* The three bowls are large enough to hold relatively large stones for vibrational broadcasts, including those to be used in polarity pairs (such as Euphoralite) which can be placed in adjacent tiers.
* To give a more natural sound to the water in this and many other home fountains, place objects (stones or other items) underneath the water return in the main well next to the electric pump; this will make it sound like a natural brook instead of a tinny sound.
* Be sure to put a vibrational correction on the electrical cord going into the device, which runs the pump.




SEED 10 Pack 1.5" Round Submersible LED Lights, Exclusive 100% Waterproof Battery Operated Super Bright Flameless LED Craft Accent Light with Remote for Party Event Vase Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

These lights are small and inexpensive, and (unusually for this price point) they can be individually controlled for a wide range of selectable colors., through the two remote controls which come with the set of 10 lights.  They can be used for:

  • Placing underneath clear quartz crystals to illuminate them; this is especially effective if the light is placed with the crystal on a BG3 power spot in the room.  The light should have a vibrational correction on it, as is the case with any electronic source used for vibrational purposes.
  • Putting in water features, such as in water fountains which act to radiate the energies of crystals put into them (especially Euphoralite polarity pairs, such as Lepidolite “Purple Lightning” pillars with Blue Tourmaline “Snowball” spheres) out into the room; the color will usually be most effective to increase the vibratory power if it is shining right onto where the water is impacting on the surface of the stone, which means placing the light directly underneath the waterfall area shining upwards.

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