• BioGeometry
    Fort Lauderdale,
    Florida in January, 2020

    Registration Now Open!

  • The Vesica Institute
    for Holistic Studies

    We Provide Quality Resources in Ancient
    and Modern Holistic Sciences.

    Our live and online courses gather
    rare techniques & information
    from around the world.

  • Spiritual Empowerment

    The Earthly and Spiritual Schools
    of Archangel Michael

    Online Course

  • The True Rosicrucian
    and Holy Grail Traditions

    February 15-17, in Seattle Washington
    Presented by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

    Registration Now Open!

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  • 2019 Stones & Minerals
    for Vibrational Healing

    Our Latest Practical Applications & Discoveries
    November 2-3, 2019 in Asheville NC
    Registration now open!

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Where to Start with Vesica Trainings

  • Spiritual

    Experience profound activations of human energy & consciousness, while learning the deep esoteric knowledge and practices of Great Traditions. Read More
  • Vibrational

    Learn how to detect and apply the full range of invisible vibrations that affect all life and health. We offer rare methods and resources not available from any other source. Read More
  • Egyptian

    BioGeometry is a remarkable energy science created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt. It offers unique methods to balance energy for humans, animals, plants, and locations. Read More
  • Crystals and

    Discover the real Vibrational Applications of Stones, based on direct vibrational testing and research. The information in our trainings is quite different from what is found in popular books today. Read More
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What's New at Vesica

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