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Experience profound activations of human energy and consciousness, while learning the deep esoteric knowledge and practices of Great Traditions of the past and present.

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Learn how to detect and apply the full range of invisible vibrations that affect all life and health. We offer rare methods and resources not available from any other source.

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BioGeometry® is a remarkable energy science created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt.
It offers unique methods to balance energy for humans, animals, plants, and locations.

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Crystals and

Discover the Vibrational Applications of Stones, based on direct vibrational testing and research. The information & techniques we offer are very different from those found in popular books today.

New Initiatives

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Our work in Vibrational Sciences is now expanding into
Subtle Energy Explorations and Research® (SEER).
Our new trainings and projects will expand into new areas of 
practical application of the Vibrational Science we teach.

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Pur Crystal®

We have created our own new methods of vibrationally testing stones to confirm they have the optimal energetics
for powerful energy healing and esoteric applications.
Our high quality stones are now available to the public
in our Pur Crystal® line.

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