Multi-Dimensional Stone forInternal Transformation with Strength & Stability Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family of stones, which get their name from the inclusion of the element Beryllium into their structure. Beryls are relatively hard stones, 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale; they will not dissolve in water. Deep Green Beryls are known as Emeralds; […]

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Sugilite is a complex mineral: Potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate, with Titanium also often present. The stone gets its beautiful purple color from the Lithium, which is known in Chinese Daoist Stone Healing (DSH) as a “Shen Tonic”; this means it helps to clear and stabilize the emotions, mind, and spirit. Sugilite is […]

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Shungite is a carbon-based stone from Russia which has become popular in recent years in North America. Many Electro-Sensitives have found it to be strengthening and balancing. Shungite actually has multiple forms. Some has higher carbon content, some has more silica content etc; unfortunately it is often sold without any information on which type of Shungite it is, and […]

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