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for Precision Healing, Protection & Energy Balancing

Introduction to the Online Course

Taught by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

Thank you for joining this online training!

This class offers rare insights and new research into the practical use of Crystals and Gemstones.

This online training contains the complete original 2-day live training, with the following features:

  • Streaming Videos:  there are eight separate streaming videos in this training, which follow the same sequence as you will find in the class manual.  These videos are available for streaming on your computer 24 hours a day -- as many times as you like -- during your subscription period.  
  • Downloadable MP3's:  these MP3’s have the complete audio track from the streaming videos for this class, so that you can keep these audio files and listen to them anytime, anywhere.
  • A Downloadable Class Manual in PDF format: PDF is a universal format that works on PC’s and MAC’s. A free software download to read PDF’s on your computer is available at

You have online access to this class for six months from the date you registered for this class (or if you pre-registered for the online training before it launched, you will have access for six months from the date the class was posted online.)

Supplies for this Class:

Participants in the original live class were loaned a few supplies on the first day of the class, which you will see referenced in the videos.

These supplies are not absolutely essential for your learning from this online training, however they are highly recommended.

1. Students were issued a small quartz crystal (known as a “Singing Crystal”), for them to practice their skills in Instructing Crystals during the first part of the training.  For this exercise in the training, you can simply use any Quartz Crystal in your collection for the practice.

2. Students were lent a Horizontal Wave Pendulum for testing the invisible vibrations radiating from the stones listed below, which they could also use for testing the vibrations from the many other stones available at the training.  This Pendulum is part of the Horizontal and Vertical Wave Pendulum Set, which we import from Egypt as a part of our BioGeometry trainings.  This Pendulum Set is available for sale on our website, and comes with a short information and usage guide.

Training in the use of this Pendulum Set is given in our online training The Universal Vibrational Spectrum, which is the second class in our Vibrational Testing & Healing Series.  That class contains the most complete description of each of the 12 Bands tested by the Pendulums, and their functions.  This pendulum set is also taught in the BioGeometry® live trainings, based on the work of its inventor: Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt.

3. Students were lent two of the stones described in the “Crystal Adaptogens” section of this training, in order to test the invisible vibrations coming from them with the Horizontal Wave Pendulum described above.  These stones were:

a) A Polished Pebble / Palmstone of the stone known commercially as “Mystic Merlinite”, which is a form of Gabbro from the island of Madagascar.

b) A Polished Piece of Ocean Jasper, a stone remarkable for being packed with natural mineral orbs.

At the time of this writing, both of these stones are available from the Vesica Institute, as are most of the other stones described in this training (especially the “Crystal Adaptogens” discovered in our research and covered in detail in this class). 

See the Crystal Section of our Online Shop for our currently available crystals, which we are just now getting online so check back frequenty to see the latest updates!  

The Crystal Section of the Online Shop also contains our True Vogel Crystals, made by Marcel Vogel's own original master cutter, as well as the Vogel Star of David Pendants (in Clear Quartz and the rare Amethyst version) and the "Master-Cut" Prana Crystals, all of which are described in detail in this training

The Vesica Institute Online Shop is unique in that we vibrationally test each of the stones we sell, to ensure they have the correct vibrational qualities for practical applications.  This is a policy which we adopted due to the increasing problem of  artificially modified stones currently on the market (described in this training.)  We are not aware of any other sellers of Crystals and Minerals who actually vibrationally test their stones for efficacy before sale (or for that matter would even know how to test them, although hopefully that will change soon due to our now making available to the public our online Vibrational Testing and Healing Series.)

Below you will find the streaming videos, plus the downloadable audio files & course manual for this training.

Thank you again for your support in purchasing this online training!

We hope that you enjoy it, and find many ways to apply these practical techniques to help yourself and others.

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