New Air Purification Technology

Hello Friends,

In the midst of the current concerns about a viral pandemic, we at the Vesica Institute have been engaged in ongoing research into the latest technology which can help us to stay healthy and prosper during these challenging times.

Below you will find a short summary of one of our most important recent findings, then a detailed description of this new technology and where to find it.


2 new proprietary technologies, AHPCO and Polarized Ionization, make possible through the air to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces within 20 minutes, in rooms where the air purification units are running. Rather than needing manual wipe down of surfaces, the airborne sterilization of surfaces happens continuously through the day without manual cleaning or contact with surfaces.

This is the same new technology which we have chosen at the Vesica Institute to keep clear our home, office, and our shipping department to make sure all packages and items we ship are completely free of any surface contamination by pathogens.

Unlike Ozonation or other older technologies, this new technology does not require that people be taken out of the location while sterilization occurs. These new units can run continuously in homes, offices, clinics, schools, hospitals etc. while people are in the room, dynamically keeping the space clear throughout each day. This is a huge step forward in keeping areas safe and sterile.

Air purificator

* Units with these new technologies only recently became available to the public, and they are quite affordable. Most people are still not aware of this breakthrough and it has not been covered by mass media outlets, however nonetheless these new units are already starting to sell out because of demand by those in the know.

These new technologies are only available through one company, Hypoallergenic Air, which owns the proprietary technology. They offer units which have either only the surface sterilization through the air technology, or units which combine surface sterilization power with highest-level HEPA filter air particulate purification technology (H14 Filters). We use both types at the Vesica Office.

The Vesica Institute has contacted the company holding this technology and arranged a 10% discount on all units, for everyone connected to the Institute, through using the link below and applying the discount code you will see at the site for friends of the Institute. *The Vesica Institute has an Associate relationship with some vendors and may receive a small commission for some purchases. These commissions help to support the work of the Vesica Institute.

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NOTE: At the time of this writing, the company has informed us that because of current high demand their most advanced unit (the iAdapt) has sold out two of its three models (small and medium size) which will not be back in stock for around two months. The third model, the large size (which is the exact unit we use at the Vesica Institute in our own office) is still in stock but supplies are running low.

Similarly, supplies of the portable unit (the Air Angel Mobile Sanitizer) are running low.

We recommend ordering soon if you are interested in this new technology, as many units will not be available for at least two months or longer when the current stock runs out.


One major cause of the toxic biological environments found in many homes, offices, clinics, schools and hospitals is the lack of air purification which can continuously remove pathogens from the air and destroy them; this should be standard (it is easy and relatively inexpensive) in all schools, hospitals etc. but in fact it is very rare to find any efforts in this direction.

Air purificator

Another major cause of our toxic locations is the lack of proper sterilization of surfaces, where the pathogens land and can be transferred easily between people (contamination of door handles is a common example).

A recent article in MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW noted that a team at the National Institutes of Health virology laboratory recently found that Covid-19 can live for over three days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces. On copper the virus lives for around four hours. In air, the virus lived for roughly three hours.

This last finding provided solid evidence that transmission of the virus through the air was both possible and likely. This contradicted earlier assertions carried on many media outlets stating that transmission was likely through physical liquid droplets and may not include airborne transmission. The recent “super-spreader” incident in Boston illustrates this point; over 70 people are thought to be infected, largely through airborne transmission, at a single conference held by the biotechnology company Biogen.

We have seen recently emails being sent out by all types of airlines, hotel chains, stores, etc. reassuring the public that they are following CDC guidelines — which for practical purposes means in most cases that they are telling their staff to wash their hands and to wipe down some surfaces more often.

This is a far cry from what is really needed (and what is not being discussed in the media or in government advisories), which is to have technologies which continuously clear pathogens from the air and surfaces.

Until just recently, the easiest way to sterilize a location was to use a commercial ozone generator in the space; this effectively killed pathogens in the air and on surfaces, however it required that no one be in the room during its operation, because it is harmful to the lungs.

Recently there have appeared two new technologies, AHPCO and Polarized Ionization, each of which sterilizes (through the air) surfaces in the room where the unit is running.

However unlike Ozone generators, these units can be run continuously while people are in the room; they have no negative effects on humans, animals, or plants in the space yet they are highly effective in destroying pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Note: AHPCO is a new improvement on NASA’s PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology for sterilization, which required a high humidity for complete activity of the hydroxyl ions; the AHPCO system overcame that problem with a new multi-metal catalyst and other improvements.

These two technologies of AHPCO and Polarized Ionization can each sterilize an area by themselves, or they are even more powerful when used together (they are proprietary technologies from the same company, Hypoallergenic Air).

These technologies were shown in third-party scientific research in Korea to create 99.99% kill of MERS virus (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, a coronavirus similar to Covid-19) on surfaces in only 20 minutes of operating in a room; similarly they killed 99.99% of H1N1 virus within 20 minutes.

Features the latest in smart technology including air quality sensor, reactive purification, and app control. Third-party lab tested to reduce up to 99.99% of H1N1 Influenza virus, bacteria, mold, mycotoxins, and VOCs.

These technologies are now available to the public, either in units offering just sterilization through the air, or in combination with active air filtration systems (removing particulate matter from the air all the way down to a microscopic .3 Microns in size).

We purchased four different models using these technologies, and we now use them everyday at the Vesica Institute.

Because we are convinced that this is an extremely important technology for many more people to use now to keep their homes, offices, clinics etc. clear, we contacted the company to see if the Institute could get the units as a wholesale dealer; they let us know that they aren’t offering wholesale arrangements, as their stock is already selling out extremely quickly (some units are already sold out, and are not expected to back in stock for at least two months).

However after detailed discussions with the company regarding my background in the U.S. Marine Corps Nuclear-Biological-Chemical field and describing what the Vesica Institute is doing with research and education, we were able to set up an arrangement with the company where friends of the Vesica Institute can receive 10% off their purchase with a discount code given in the link you will find below.

Mold Guard with seal

The least expensive unit is the Mold Guard, a small unit that plugs into an outlet and uses only the Polar Ions method, affecting surfaces in smaller areas: it is $149.99.

Then there is the Air Angel mobile sanitizer, which is $249.99 and uses only the AHPCO method (in conjunction with UV light). It can be run on either a car adapter so it can be used in a car, or plug into a wall socket to use in hotels when traveling, or used for small rooms or offices.

The next units up are more powerful, offering both the AHPCO / UV + the Polarized Ionization technology together.

Air Angel purificator

The first of these is the “G3” series, which uses these technologies for stronger sterilization (but do not have air particulate filtration, i.e. no HEPA air filters). Because they focus on sterilization and don’t have functions for air cleaning, they cover a larger area than those (the iAdapt series) which include air particulate cleaning.

These G3 units start at $399.99 for a unit which covers 300 square feet, then go up from there in coverage area and in price.

The master units have all the sterilization technologies plus add in HEPA air filtration.

These are called the iAdapt series, and the entry level model covers 150 sq ft and is $399; however this unit is sold out currently and is on backorder (other models from this company will also likely go out of stock soon too).

G3 unit by bed

Note that this company’s claims for square footage coverage are highly realistic and safe-sided, unlike the vast number of air purification companies which have undependable and highly inflated claims for effective coverage area.

The next level up of this unit covers 450 sq ft for $599.99, and is also sold out and on backorder.

The highest level iAdapt unit, covering 600 sq ft for $799.99, is still in stock as of today (we use this largest one at the Institute and in my own home).

Mold Guard in Room

The advanced True HEPA filter rapidly removes up to 99.99% of airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns from the air with H14 filters, the highest grade of HEPA filtration.

Here is the link below for these new technology air purification units, with info at the beginning of the linked page giving the 10% discount code for friends of the Vesica Institute:

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We hope this information is useful for you!
We’re glad to share the measures which we are using ourselves to keep our home, office, and shipments clear at this challenging time.

Warm Regards,
Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. for the Vesica Institute

These Purifiers are durably constructed in the U.S., come with a 30-day, no-hassle money back guarantee, and are covered under a 1-3 year warranty (depending on your unit).


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