New Sound Healing Discoveries, Images, & Creating “Suprahuman” Experiences: Summer Conference Replay Preview with Cyma Technologies

We are delighted to have Mandara Cromwell as a presenter at our 2020 Summer Conference!

She is the President of CymaTechnologies, which has now made available for home use the incredible technology pioneered by the late British Osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners.  Dr. Manners advanced the Cymatics system of creating precise images of invisible waves into a therapeutic system for practical health applications.

Manners passed on to Cromwell his 4 decades of clinical research into how to precisely restore the correct vibrational rate to virtually every major system in the human body, by driving coherent complex sound waves directly into physical tissue. 

Originally only available through a visit to Dr. Manner’s private clinic in the English countryside, Cromwell has now simplified and updated the technology to make it easily available for home use with her breakthrough AMI 750 device.

Cromwell has worked with her colleague John Stuart Reid (who is also presenting separately at our Summer Conference on his latest discoveries) to make stunning Cymatics visual images of the actual vibrational patterns created by the AMI 750 sound codes. 

Each of the 10 Channels on the AMI 750 contains multiple complex sound codes developed by Dr. Manners, in a sequence within that channel which links together codes that work with the same functional areas of the body (Digestion, Respiration, Circulation, Anti-inflammation, Clearing Stress to support Tissue Repair, Chinese 5 Elements and Anti-Aging, etc).

The AMI 750 for Home Use is available for purchase HERE

Below we detail a few of the remarkable topics and clinical updates which Mandara Cromwell will bring to the Vesica Summer Conference.
This is followed below with images John Stuart Reid has created with his CymaScope Pro vibrational imaging device of the precise Sacred Geometry vibrational fields created by different sound codes in Mandara Cromwell’s technology.

This includes amazing images of the sound codes which Dr. Manners discovered that help to balance each of the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine.

Latest Cymatics Therapy Discoveries: The Suprahuman Sound Experience™ — Sustaining Health in the New World

With Mandara Cromwell, Inventor of the AMI 750 Sound Therapy technology and CEO of CymaTechnologies in Augusta, Georgia, author of SoundFlower: The Journey to Marry Science and Spirit.

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The SupraHuman Sound Experience™ is an innovative blueprint for health that uses sound to boost the immune system, maintain all the body’s major systems, reveals protocols for prevention of disease and demonstrates practices for sustaining health in a new world of challenges and possibilities.

This presentation will provide a multitude of new ways for using the AMI 750 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device, along with introducing new health-preserving and invigorating techniques that all conference participants can utilize. This multi-faceted experience is a comprehensive view of the body’s ability to live at its highest resonance, and the tools to access supra human health and longevity.

Join Mandara Cromwell, inventor and patent holder of the AMI-Acoustic Meridian devices, author and researcher of sound frequencies as she reveals the most current developments in the world of vibrational medicine.

This conference presentation will show you how to transcend the waves of illness and learn how recent world events can translate into knowledge about caring for ourselves and reaching our SupraHuman Potential!

* Fortifying the Immune System with the blueprint of oxygen and ozone.

* Creating an ongoing Vital Life Force Plan using the Body Balancing Channels of the AMI 750.

* BioTensegrity –The lattice for sound messaging.        

* Drinking sound—DNA Harmonics for vitally energized and imprinted water.

* Research and case studies proving the SupraHuman potential.

* Sound techniques for maintaining high resonance in the ever-changing New World.

* Using AMI—Acoustic Meridian Intelligence to shift from the “disease model” to the SupraHuman Sound Experience.

* Investigating the use of sound in the oral cavity—the first “gateway” to understanding the prevention of disease.


The images below are selected from the following two videos on the site.  They show the depth of vibrational imaging detail (up to 4K resolution) that is now possible with the CymaScope Pro sound wave imaging device:

The Soundflower Experience™ Three is a magnificent collection of images showing frequencies that are forming to take the shape of five pointed stars and flowers. In this specially chosen sequence, exquisite variations from a single code have created images that “flower” before the eyes of the viewer, all from this specific set of healing harmonics and subharmonics. The viewer is surrounded with the sound that generated these celestial stars and flowers.  

“Rapture with Heavenly Stars and Flowers” is a short film taking cyma glyphs to a whole new visual and auditory experience. The stars and flowers have been enhanced so the viewer may see the most intricate details of each, while an original soundscape was added to reflect the beauty and majesty of these heavenly creations.


The remarkable images below are from the “Full of Stars” Video, based on the sound codes for the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine discovered by Dr. Peter Guy Manners in Britain.

The sound codes for the 5 Elements were then assembled into a sequential treatment pattern by Mandara Cromwell in the AMI 750 sound therapy device, which you can experience in Channel 5 on the AMI 750 (the longevity channel!).

John Stuart Reid with his CymaScope Pro imaging device made actual images of the vibrational patterns created by each of the 5 Element sound codes, which were then animated into the “Full of Stars” video by James Oliverio and his team at Digital Worlds, University of Florida.

The original vibrational images of the 5 Element sound code patterns below were colored to match the traditional colors of the 5 Elements in the Chinese Medicine system.  3D images were also produced with the CymaScope Pro and then rotated into different viewing positions to show inner details.

3-D Images of the Fire Element from Chinese Medicine, from its Cymatherapy Sound Code:

Water Element of Chinese Medicine, from its Cymatherapy Sound Codes:


Mandara Cromwell is the Founder and Board President  of ISTA (The International Sound Therapy Association) and is the CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, Inc. She was also a 2013 Nominee for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields on Science and Medicine, for her breakthrough sound therapy device, the AMI 750.

Cromwell brought more than 40 years of research based on the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners in Britain, to the USA from England in 2001.  Since that time, she has created and manufactured innovative technology to support people in both better health and catastrophic illness.  Cyma Technologies manufactures advanced sound technology products and provides an educational curriculum for sound therapy careers in Cyma Therapy.

In 2005, Cromwell founded ISTA, a 501c (3), nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the power of sound in our environment and its healing effects. ISTA promotes and provides education for therapeutic sound modalities.

In addition to educational and community outreach arms, ISTA maintains a medical research board for data collection proving the efficacy of sound therapies.  ISTA invites all sound therapy practitioners to submit case studies validating the efficacy of their sound modality.  The ISTA research database serves as a bridge to western medicine and gives medical professionals the confidence they need to refer their patients to qualified sound therapists.

Cromwell lectures on behalf of ISTA and throughout the world.   She was recently invited by the Indian Cultural Ministry to present the “Art of Sacred Sound” at the Sacred Arts Symposium in New Delhi, India. 

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