BG FT Online Training Tools Sets

Only For Registered BioGeometry Online Foundation
Training Students October 2020!

These three sets are sold separately, or together in the complete “Gold Kit”.

Set 1: BG FT Essential Tools Set.

These tools are required for each student in the course, they are fundamental to all of our practical applications.  These are the most essential items used to detect, measure, and balance the energy qualities we will be working with in the class, which is the heart of the training.

Set 2: BG FT Complete Energy Balancing Set.

This set is recommended for all students, but not required.  These are additional items not included in the Essential Tools Set, which will significantly expand your ability to energy balance your home and office.
These items will be taught in class, and will be applied in our practical exercises to optimally balance the energy qualities in key areas of your home or office.

Set 3: Personal Protective Jewelry Set.

This set contains the most essential items in the BioGeometry system to energy balance your energy field, and to protect you from detrimental energy qualities you may encounter in your energetic testing and balancing practical applications.
These items are worn by BioGeometry practitioners, including founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim and his family.  They are not required to purchase, but are highly recommended.

The “Gold Kit” contains all the items in Sets 1, 2, and 3 together.

This Gold Kit is the optimal collection of tools to go with the BioGeometry Foundation training.

Also required for the training is a copy of Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s fundamental book, Back to a Future for Mankind.  This book is not sold by the Vesica Institute, you can order it from Amazon online either as a physical book to be shipped to you, or as a downloadable Kindle book.

Order Back to a Future for Mankind Paper Back
Order Back to a Future for Mankind Hardcover
Order Back to a Future for Mankind Kindle

Also available from Amazon are Dr. Karim’s book on BioSignatures (which shows the direction to draw each BioSignature – those directional lines are NOT in your set of BioSignatures which you will receive in the class as they would interfere with the methods to use the BioSignatures which you will learn in the BG FT class, which are methods not taught in the public book) and Doreya Karim’s Coloring Book of BioGeometry Mandalas, both of which can be ordered on Amazon through the links below:

Order BioGeometry Signatures Book

Order Mandalas Coloring Book

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