Indigo Gabbro One- Side Polished Flat Pieces

Indigo Gabbro One- Side Polished Flat Pieces


These Indigo Gabbro slabs are polished on one side, which not only increases their attractiveness but also makes them ideal for practical Energy Balancing applications.

As discussed in our How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online course, Indigo Gabbro is the premier stone to use for transmuting detrimental vibrations to beneficial. It also is highly resistant to becoming saturated with toxicity, so that it stays clear and effective in many cases where other stones or vibrational tools would become saturated and ineffective (we still recommend clearing the stones occasionally with the Eco-Laser, or under running water and then drying them, just to ensure they stay clear.)

For those who like to use stones for Energy Balancing locations (or Feng Shui, Vastu Vidya, etc.) Indigo Gabbro is perfect for placing right on the problem area.

Great uses for these one side polished pieces include:

  • Placing flat against a baseboard on a toxic Earth Energy line (a geopathic line, which the Germans identify as a Hartmann, Curry, or Benker line) to transmute the vibrational effect of the line as it runs through a room.Most (although not all) of these slabs have at least one or more completely straight edges and relatively flat backs, so that they can be set on edge flush against the baseboard, as shown in the picture. They will stand in place naturally, or you can attach them more strongly to the baseboard (where kids or animals are present) by applying double sided tape to the back to hold them in place. [Note there is some variability in the degree of flatness of the backs of the slabs, and of the straightness of their side edges, some of which have irregular shapes.]
  • Placing on the power cord of an electronic device, or anywhere along the path of energy conduction in an appliance, to transmute the vibrational quality of the EMF field. (As with anything you do with electronic devices, of course make sure the stone is dry, and that you just place the stone on the outer surface of the item.)
  • Placing on top of a Wireless Internet Router (or other Wi-Fi device like Cordless phone base) and its power cord, and/or power cord and connections of the cable box which goes to the Router, to transmute the vibrational quality of the wireless transmission.
  • Using as a Base underneath other Crystals or items to keep them energetically clear.
  • Placing items on top of the polished surface (including water, food or supplements, etc. – they can remain in their packaging) to help vibrationally charge them with the beneficial energy qualities of the Indigo Gabbro.

These one-side polished pieces are a great value compared to many vibrational tools sold on the market for similar purposes. We have found these so useful that we bought the entire remaining inventory of these from the supplier (the direct importer from Madagascar), who is now sold out of these items, to ensure our students and associates have a good supply of these; when these sell out, it is uncertain when (or if) more will become available.

Priced by Weight

20 – 40 grams – $7
40 – 60 grams – $9.50
60- 80 grams – $12
80 – 100 grams – $14.50
100 -120 grams – $17
120 – 140 grams – $19.50
140 – 160 grams – $22
160 – 180 grams – $24.50
180 – 200 grams – $27

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