Clear Quartz Individual Standing Polished Points

Clear Quartz Individual Standing Polished Points


Quartz is the “universal donor” in the mineral realm, used for thousands of years around the world for its vibrational powers.  It was considered to be “crystallized light” in many world traditions.

Quartz has the primary power (among its many abilities) to act as an Amplifier for any energy or consciousness program put into it.  These inputs can come from many sources: land power spots (where they were used as standing stones and obelisks), projections from human beings, or through the minerals alchemically placed into the quartz by nature.

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Pick Quartz Standing Point

Medium 10.1 to 30 grams, Large 30.1-60 grams, X-Large 60.1-90 grams, 2X-Large 90.1-120 grams, 3X-Large 120.1-150 grams, 4X-Large 150.1-180 grams, Small 4 .9 to 10 grams