True Rosicrucian Course 6: Hidden Realities of the New Millennium



Course 6: Hidden Realities of the New Millennium

This sixth and final course in the series collects for the first time many of the key Spiritual Time Cycles known by the Rosicrucians to manifest spiritual impulses on the Earth, sometimes through deeply challenging historical events.

The Rosicrucian approach to understanding and optimizing our human responses to these traumatic challenges is introduced in terms of the specific Spiritual Beings which influence each type of response.

Deeper realities of the Spiritual Influences on modern historical events are described, along with the karmic groups which are active now to help humanity in these challenging times.

Topics and Practices in Course 6 include:

  • An Overview of Essential Spiritual Time Cycles that Affect Humanity
  • Rosicrucian Approach to Balancing the Challenges of Modern Life
  • Spiritual Influences on Modern Politics (and their Connection to the Ancient Kabbalah)
  • Occult Lodges and Karmic Streams of the Western Tradition
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